Lily Cahill – Exposed (Independence Falls Superhero Romance Book 2)


This story takes during the 1950’s when many Americans were highly suspicious of Russians living in the U.S.  The disdain to which Ivan’s family has endured has scared him and turned him into a hard and bitter man.  At first, his gruff nature was very off-putting.  Despite this, some continue to offer him kindness that he fails to see.  It isn’t until June starts chipping away at his attitude does he find a way to smile.

Ivan is attracted to June. “Why was she so embedded inside of him? This woman with whom he’d shared a handful of heated words.  Maybe because she hadn’t balked.  She hadn’t backed away from his hard glare.  There was determination in her face, courage in her eyes.”

June is not without her own personal challenges.  She must break away from her ever pleasing attitude and not constantly succumb to other’s expectations.

Like many other romances, misunderstandings tear the lovers apart.  But what was unique here was the deeply rooted understanding between them that wills them together.

The “superhero” aspect in this book becomes a more prominent piece of the story.  Sorry but I’m not going to spoil the story line and give away too much.

I do love the romantic use of Ivan’s ability to make flowers grow.  He wants to bring flowers to June, but not just any ordinary flower.  He puts a lot of thought into what would be a perfect flower choice.  “June’s flower wasn’t anything he’d find in a greenhouse, or a florist’s shop, or even in a meadow.  June was singular, and she could only be contained in the bloom of his power.”

A man willing to put that much thought into a gift for a woman is the epitome of romance!

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