Maya Banks – Sweet Temptation (Sweet #4)


Re-reading books is my new guilty pleasure.  This book was too tempting not to read again.

Micah is a generally a walled off man that doesn’t care to share a lot of personal details about his past.  Angelina, the little sister of his deceased best friend, returns from his past.  She’s a sexy Latina with a determination to seduce the man of her dreams.  Micah tries to fight his overwhelming lustful attraction for her, but he cannot resist.  His domination of Angelina’s body is scorching hot!  You’ll need a glass of cold water nearby to help cool you off.

Add a little suspense to the mix and the culmination is one hell of a book.

This series is absolutely flipping amazing.  New to the sex club scene?  Read these books!  Sex, action, and romance, this series has it all.  (A little menagerie, too)  I cannot say that I have a favorite in the series, because they are all great.  I suggest reading them in order, because the characters develop throughout the series.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Maya Banks!


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