Meredith Wild – “Hardline”


This is the 3rd in the Hacker Series.  This book is less about the business and tangential mysteries and more about Blake and Erica’s relationship.

The book is scorchingly hot from beginning to end.  Hell, the book starts out with the following text exchange:

E: I’m in a meeting.  I’ll call you after.

B: I want you naked in my bed by the time I get home.  You should leave soon.

E: I need more time.

B: I’ll be inside you within the hour.  Your office, our bed, your choice.  Wrap it up.

Read the book and find out how Blake deliciously punishes Erica for her tardiness.

Blake fully steps into the role as Dominant.  Blake demands Erica’s full submission.  He claims that,

“… this isn’t what I want.  This what I need.  It’s what we need.”

Blake is fully prepared to take matters into his own hands and deny Erica until she is willing to submit.  Is loving Blake enough to concede giving up every last piece of herself that is so important to her?

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Meredith Wild!

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