Brian C. Copper – The Room



David and Max meet during the worst snowstorm in recent history when Max, a patrolman in the fictional town of Fullerton, MA becomes stranded at David’s house.

Max soon discovers that David has a secret BDSM playroom in his basement and their adventures begin, bringing them closer as they discover new things about themselves and each other.

Other characters are introduced with time jumps into David’s past, as story lines interweave throughout, exploring various sexual themes between adult gay men.


This isn’t a typical gay romance story.  It’s gritty in both an emotional and sexual sense.

There are varying levels of BDSM scattered throughout the book.  The author is extremely descriptive.  I may be female (so I can’t truly understand) but one part in particular had me screaming in my head, “That’s got to hurt!”

David doesn’t just serve as a Dom that stages scenes and dishes out pain and pleasure.  He’s also serves as a “spiritual guider” in the sense that he helps these men open themselves up to accepting their own desires.

The style of this book reminded me of the movie Valentine’s Day where a lot of tangential characters weave themselves together.  It is not until the very end that all the connections are made.  Well done!

Lastly, the aspect that I liked the most was the author’s cheeky way with words that is speckled throughout the book.

The Room

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