Dani René – Shattered by Love



The best part of romance books (besides the hot sex scenes) is getting to know the characters.  The way this book is written allows the reader to really understand the character’s frame of mind and feelings.  The story oscillates from various characters in both in future and past tense.  Many books are told from dual perspectives, but this books goes way beyond that.  The way in which the total story enfolds makes it impossible to put the book down. (Don’t worry – I did manage to feed my kids while reading)

Jayce’s dirty mouth made me so hot that my iPad accidentally slipped out of my sweaty hands.  He cracks me up in how easily he gets distracted by his own thoughts and is constantly thinking about being with his woman.

I liked and came to respect the female characters.  It takes a bit longer time throughout the book to get to know them, but well worth it.

I won’t provide spoilers, but I’ll say that one of the twists made me smile immensely.  It was one of the moments while reading the book where I knew with complete certainty that I would never forget the story.


The boy from the wrong side of town.
The girl who stole his heart.


For five years, I’ve lived with my choice.
Pain. Regret. Heartache.
A shattered soul.

She was my salvation. My love. My world.
Until I let her walk away.


For five years, I’ve lived with my secret.
Hurt. Remorse. Sorrow.
A shattered soul.

He was my life. My love. My world.
Until he let me walk away.

Broken hearts, shattered by love.
Secrets. Deception. Lies.

Can shattered love be mended?

18+ For mature audiences only. Can be read as a stand alone, but the characters are introduced in Broken by Desire.


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Dani René – Between Love and Fire

Dani René – Broken by Desire


Thank You Arc to Dani René!

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