Aubry Bondurant – Ask Me Something (The Something Series #2)


Romance, humor, and drama – all wrapped into one book.

First, let’s talk romance.  Again, Bondurant breaks away from the normal workplace romance.  This isn’t a lust at first sight book where the weak woman falls at the feet of her boss.  Their relationship is based on years of friendship.  Sasha is a remarkably strong and successful woman and has a fabulously quick-wit tongue.  Brian is more easy going and enjoys Sasha’s challenging smart mouth.  While he may have a laid-back personality, he surprisingly demands control in the bedroom.  However, he’s not into pain play.  He’s all about pleasurable torture, making the steamy scenes very HOT.  Also, he notes that he’s not opposed to Sasha’s occasional desire of control when she states, “Maybe I want to be spontaneous and take you in my mouth without permission some morning.”

Ask Me Something

There’s tons of humor woven throughout the story – too many to quote, but here’s one:

Sasha gives Brian’s 22 year-old sister advice on what to do if the man she is attracted to does’t feel the same, “Okay, You get a big glass of wine, buy yourself a good vibrator, and you say to hell with him.  If he can’t realize that you’re a catch, McKensie, then it’s his loss.”

There’s well-written drama from all directions: family, work, and of course the relationship.

The happily-ever-after included a few delightful twists that left me smiling for days.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Aubrey Bondurant!




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