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This book came to me as a welcome deviation from the books that I generally review.

Typically, when I review a book, it is one of my choosing that I have high expectations of enjoyment.  Almost all of the books that I read are fiction. My Review Policy

Because I believe that a book’s rating is directly reflective of the reader, I feel that I need qualify a few things about myself.  The author of this book is my neighbor, but I have never visited his Center for Holistic Medicine.  I do believe that wellness is directly related to living a healthy life and I am not one to eagerly seek out medical treatment.

As such, I opened the book with an open mind.

First off, I’ld like to make note of the fact that the author does have a M.D.  I believe that intrinsically it offers a lot more credibility to the topic than others.  This is a non-fiction book and therefore the background of the author is critical to the integrity of the material.

As a whole, I enjoyed learning more about the intricacies of holistic medicine.  The author made numerous case connections.  This offered a more practical understanding of the methods of holistic medicine.  Often times, I considered how the approach could benefit people close to me. This was something that surprised me, because I tend be skeptical.  I have degree in engineering and law and tend to need to have all things proven in order to believe.  However, the book doesn’t contain any formal scientific proof to back up the holistic theories.  The book is more of an introduction into the world of holistic medicine.  In the end, the author’s words moved me enough to suggest his services to a friend.

I found it particularly interesting that homeopathy in Great Britain is, “widely practiced, recognized, and paid for by health insurance plans[.]”  Whereas, in the United States, my home, homeopathy is not subsidized by health insurance (at least none that I am aware of).   The author notes that there are some cost savings by opting his services to those of “standard medicine.”  However, I would have preferred more discussion in this area.

Chapter 8 is entitled Food for Health and Wellness. This chapter read like a typical nutrition or diet book.  It is this chapter that made me reduce my star rating for this book.  There are certain aspects of all nutrition books that are consistent.  For example, you can’t live on baked goods (ah, to dream).  I have read many nutrition books and am in contact with a trainer and nutritionist on a weekly basis.  I felt this chapter contained an opinionated perspective.  This chapter lacked continuity with the rest of the book.

While I might not have agreed with all the methodologies in the book, they were discussed with clarity.  I am pleased to have gained a better understanding the practices of holistic medicine.  Overall, I found the book to be quite informative.




Have you ever had a body ailment that no physical treatment could cure? Has your state of mind ever affected your health—for better or worse?

These are the types of questions that only alternative medicine can address. Holistic medicine isn’t a passing fad; it’s a comprehensive approach to health that recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Rather than writing off traditional medicine, however, author and holistic medical practitioner Jerry P. Gore, MD, acknowledges it as one approach within the bigger picture of health possibilities.

Introducing the basic concepts of holistic medicine, this easy-to-read guide highlights the range of methods you can practice in your everyday life, from nutrition and exercise to yoga chakras and meditation. Examples are accompanied by real-life case studies to better illustrate how these techniques work and what they can accomplish. There’s even a twenty-four-hour health plan included in the appendices so you can immediately put what you’ve learned into action.

Your health and well-being are essential if you want to fulfill your potential and enjoy your life. Discover how to build a partnership between your body, mind, and spirit through the art of holistic medicine and start reaping the benefits today.

Thank You Arc to Jerry P. Gore, MD

Doctor Jerry P. Gore M.D. Medical Director & Holistic Psychiatry in North Shore, IL

Dr. Jerry Gore practices holistics psychiatry in North Shore, IL

Doctor Gore is a holistic doctor and obtained his M.D. from the University of Illinois Medical School, and completed his post-graduate program at Northwestern University’s Institute of Psychiatry. He is a co-founder and Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Riverwoods/Deerfield IL where he practices both general medicine and psychiatry. He has over 35 years of experience specializing in integrating the body, mind and spirit of the person into an individualized medical treatment plan specific to that patients needs. His vision is to treat symptoms, educate the patient about his/her health and help people transform their lives using holistic medicine.

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