Rachel Strong – That Girl



After serving half of a three-year prison sentence, James is out and ready to try and get his life back on track, which means forgetting about the girl who sent him to prison in the first place – despite the fact he’s still in love with her!
Katie knows that she can’t see James, but that doesn’t make it any easier. If she does it could send him straight back to prison, but, she still loves him and is desperate to make things right and tell him how sorry she is for ruining his life.
After accidently bumping into each other, James and Katie can’t stay away from one another and so begin to see each other in secret. After a slight wobble on James’s part, when he decides he can’t take the risk of going back to prison, Katie decides enough is enough and it really is time to move on and put James behind her.
Heartbroken, James decides to try and get his life in order. But due to his conviction it’s not as straightforward as he would like, leaving him miserable and despairing at what his life has become.
When a job opportunity comes up hundreds of miles away he doesn’t hesitate to head south and put his troubles behind him.
Can James and Katie forget each other and move on with their lives without one another?


First off, I got hooked into this story immediately.  I was simply dying to know what had happened to land him in jail.  Things aren’t always as they seem and I couldn’t stop reading until I knew.

What an emotional ride! It was amazing how my feelings about the James changed throughout the book. The surrounding characters add their own perspectives that are quite compelling.  There were times I felt so bad for James and other times where I hated him.  The love-hate relationship continues throughout the entire novel.

There is no doubt in my head that this is a five star book. The range and strength of feelings the author was able to provoke makes this an amazing impassioned roller coaster.  I wouldn’t dare go on a real roller coaster, but I couldn’t put down this book.

Thank You Arc to Rachel Strong!


Rachel Strong is a romance author and lives in Lancashire, England, with her husband, three children and little dog Daisy. Rachel works part time as a Health Care Assistant at her local hospital, but her real passion is writing.
  Ever since she can remember Rachel has been writing stories but never really took it seriously, until summer 2012 when her husband discovered one of her stories, read it and convinced her that it was good. She loves writing and creating characters, sometimes a whole day can pass her by, just sat at her lap top, typing away.
When she’s not writing, Rachel loves to read slushy romance novels and chick-lit and when she finds a spare moment she will be found curled up on the sofa with her nose in a book.


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