Olivia Cunning – Insider (Exodus End World Tour #1)


Olivia Cunning produces another OUTSTANDING ROCK STAR BOOK!  Her books are so great that I think the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences needs to add a new category just for for her.  It could be The Best Ficticious Band or The Ficiticious Band Most Wished to be Real.  Hey, I wish all hot book boyfriends could come to life (to my life).


As much as I love, love, love her other series, I had my doubts about this book before I read this one.  Could she actually start another series about a new band that could compare to Sinners and Sole Regret?  Answer – YES!  I fell in love with these band members just as quickly.  Exodus End has the sexy as hell rock star qualities and the comradery as the other bands, but there is a strength in their connection based on getting through some internal strife.

Logan is more than just the player that he wants everyone to believe.  His jealousy is attractive in an ironic sort of way.  His patience for Tori’s inexperience is astonishing.  But most of all, his affection for Tori’s sister is incredibly endearing.

Tori’s recurrent reality checks with Logan makes her one the most likable rockstar girlfriend.

Once again, Olivia Cunning has a way of writing sex and humor in such a way that you can’t book the down.  One of my favorite lines is between Tori and her co-worker Julian:

Tori – “What else am I supposed to sleep in?”

Julian – “Nothing.  The wet spot.  A puddle of your own vomit.  Anything would be preferable to pajamas.”


I love that amidst this highly sex-charged environment that the power of a kiss isn’t lost.


I can’t wait to read the next in the series, coming in 2016.

BONUS: The reader gets a taste of Sinners and Sole Regret.  Since Reagan is in Exodus End, Trey makes an appearance. Shade weaves his way into the story line as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Olivia Cunning!

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