Jennifer Millikin – Full of Fire


Who wouldn’t fall in love after just one first date with Xavier Townsend?  He’s attractive, gracious, sweet, and romantic?  Not exactly what you would expect from the bad boy playboy, which makes him all the more alluring.

Lila is a strong young woman that is not easily impressed by good looking men.  But she can’t deny the chemistry that she feels for Xavier.  It’s too strong for her not to take a chance.

Let’s talk romance.  Romance isn’t all about roses and chocolates, but this book brings the use of roses to an entirely new level.  It all begins with a date to a garden in Las Vegas (unique due to the climate of the area) where Xavier purchases a rose bush for Lila.  I love the use of roses as a continuing theme throughout the story.

While this story fades to black for all the intimate scenes, it is still hot.  The attraction between Lila and Xavier is expressive.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Jennifer Milliken!

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