Dani René – Ace of Harts


Fantastic story arc!  Emily Reid is torn between two hot brothers: Triston and Bash.  They have a sorted past that makes them untrusting of one another.  It is this history that makes the story much more interesting and unpredictable.  The brothers’ mutual attraction for Emily Reid makes all those negative feelings toward each other resurface.  It doesn’t bring out the best in either of them, but it definitely heightens the sexual passion.

Emily is caught between them and not knowing what is true or possible between herself and either of the men.  It’s not just their eye color that differentiates them in Emily’s head.  Their actions push her from one man to the other.

Finally, a book that doesn’t jump into the world of BDSM like jumping off a cliff into unknown waters.  There’s a more gradual approach like slowly wading into a lavishly ensconced swimming pool.

In the end, Emily chooses the one that can fill her completely: mind and soul.

Check out the book trailer:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Dani René!

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