Olivia Cunning – Tease Me (One Night with Sole Regret #7)


What makes for great sex?  Is it the act itself or the emotional connection behind the act?  That’s the question in Adam and Madison’s ignitable relationship.  Adam is a recovering addict and Madison was his counselor, turned lover.  This is unethical for Madison and she ultimately gets fired for it, but it is indicative of the undeniable chemistry between Adam and she.  After being together for a year casually, Adam’s love turns more serious quickly.  Madison is reluctant to want more in their relationship.  Adams teases Madison relentlessly for 24 hours to prepare her for an escapade at a sex club in New Orleans.  I could feel Madison’s achiness as Adam splendidly tortured her.  After Madison behaves as he hoped at the club, he unexpectedly becomes possessive and angry.  Madison is sent into a tail spin trying to rectify Adam’s irritation at her behaving exactly as he wanted.  He further shocks her by proposing marriage.  Adam’s unpredictable reactions leave Madison completely unbalanced and stunned into silence.  This role reversal between Adam and Madison is amusing.

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