Tiffany Reisz – The Queen


Sadly, this is the final book in this amazing series.  When I first got my hands on this book, I struggled with tearing into the book immediately and waiting to start and putting off the inevitable end.  Well, I couldn’t hold off long because I’m impatient and love my HEAs.

Tiffany Reisz is brilliant!  The characters are uniquely fabulous and extraordinarily well-developed.  She explains and justifies the rational behind each character in such a way that even though they may be completely unrelatable, the reader can understand them and appreciate their personalities.

This particular book in the series was fantastic.  It was great to see how Eleanor became Mistress Nora, the queen Dominatrix.  As the story in this series is told in time-jumping manner, it was like the author was saving the best for last.  The complimentary story line with Soren was sensational, too.  The connection between Nora and Soren in both good times and bad is the crux of this alluring love story.  I also loved how Nora considered how her life could have been different had she travelled a different path.

There are a number of overlapping threesomes in this series.  The concept of jealousy is embedded, ignored, and discarded in a thoughtful way.  The path all the characters take to address the jealousy issue is great.  Ultimately, as Juliette says, “Jealousy is a sign of insecurity.”  The fact that characters come to a level of acceptance is a testament to how emotionally and well-adjusted the characters are.

As always, Kingsley’s quick tongue is ever amusing.  After Soren notes that the bishop will permit Eleanor to return to church, Kingsley states, “How magnanimous . . . A priest and a bishop got together, had tea and decided you were worthy enough to attend their worthless relic of a church on Sundays.  You must be so honored they’re going to let you back into the Dirty Old Men Who like to Fuck Little Boys and Tell Grown Women What to Do with Their Bodies Club.”

With lines like, “You call it choking.  He’d call it foreplay,” the sinful sex cannot be unrecognized.  Just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked by Soren – I was stunned.  That’s saying a lot, after having read this entire series from beginning to end.

The Queen

There’s no doubt I’ll be re-reading this series.

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