Julie Ann Levin – Worth The Wait


This is an enjoyable romantic story.  Nobody forgets that first crush.  Even when life takes you in different directions, that first love (even if unrequited) always remains embedded in your heart.

Natalie is recently divorced, which isn’t the ideal time to sink into a deep meaningful relationship.  Can a stubborn and independent woman allow herself to let someone in, to stand by her side, and love her?

After being apart for eight years, it is difficult to change the pattern and turn a friendship into something more.  Chase is patient, caring, thoughtful, and very good looking.  Can Chase be brave enough to claim what he really wants?

Worth The Wait

Thank You Arc to Julie Ann Levin!


Divine Island Series:

Book 1 – Worth the Wait (Chase & Natalie) – coming May 17, 2016

Book 2- Crazy for You (Dylan & Sarah) – coming June 14, 2016

Book 3 – Ready for Love (Levi & Jessica) – coming August 30, 2016

Book 4 – The One I Want (Ellie & Max) – coming September 27, 2016

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