Samantha A. Cole – Take the Money and Run


This is a great little romantic suspense book.  Don’t be turned off by the less than stimulating cover.

This is a perfect summer read: hot romance at a cool oceanside cottage.  The author writes in such a way that the words flow and you can’t put down the book.  The pace is perfect, the suspense is captivating, and the romantic elements are loving in a hot kind of way.

In this book, the author departs from her original series, Trident Security, where a group of men own a sex club.  There’s still a criminal suspense element in this story and one SEAL, but the sex is much more vanilla.  That’s not to say that’s it is boring.  The steamy scenes are delicious as you can feel the desire that the characters hold for each other.

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Thank You Arc to Samantha A. Cole!


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