Three or More Galore

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Adele Allaire

One Night Three Hearts

Rebecca Grace Allen

The Theory of Deviance

Maya Banks

Be With Me

Brazen (Brazen, Reckless)

Colters’ Legacy Series

For Her Pleasure

Linger (Stay With Me and Songbird)

Shayla Black

Masters of Menage (Their Virgin Captive)

Wicked Ties


Jaci Burton


Lauren Dane

Federation Chronicles (Undercover)

Erika Foxx 

A Taste for Kylie

Laurell Hamilton  

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

Megan Hart

Alex Kennedy (Tempted, Everything Changes, Naked)

Myla Jackson 

Boots and Chaps

Kelly Jamieson

Rule of Three

Rhythm of Three

Reward of Three

San Amaro Singles

With Strings Attached

How to Love


Wicked One Night

Lora Leigh

Nauti Boy

Ana Mederios

The Raven Room

Trista Ann Michaels

Leave Me Breathless

Anne Rainey

Body Rush

Anwen Stiles

Jasmine Plays Her Hand

Diane Thorne 

A Gift to Remember

Another Gift to Remember

Saskia Walker

Her Fantasy


Sondi Warner 


Three To Tango


Four Play 

Three’s Company

2 thoughts on “Three or More Galore

  1. We have VERY similar tastes!! I’m laughing at your ‘Four Play’ comment. I don’t know anyone in person (plenty on twitter) who I’d give that book to!! God, it makes me hot just thinking about it!


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