Celebrating Authors/Books that I didn’t blog about but haven’t forgotten (Week 2 – Rich, Racy, and Romantic Romeos)

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Week 2 – Rich, Racy, and Romantic Romeos

Maya Banks 

Anetakis Tycoons: The men have the money, but I like that the female goes after what she wants.

Breathless Series: The straightforwardness of each of these dominant males’ wants and demands is refreshingly honest in a very provocative kind of way.  Another hit by Maya Banks.

Kings of the Boardroom: Simple story, that has been told before, but the way Maya Banks writes makes it sing.  A quick enjoyable read (only 192 pages)

Pregnancy & Passion: These are surprisingly good books.  I have to admit that the meshing of pregnancy and erotic romance had me flummoxed.  The books stirred a love/hate relationship with the male characters.  It is always amusing finding out how the male pulls his head out of his ass.  Enjoyed their individual style of Go Big or Go Home. I was hooked after the first book and couldn’t wait to finish the series.

Emma Chase – Tangled Series

Fresh, Blunt, and Funny.  Give it to me straight – what a guy really thinks.  I love a book that makes me feel so strongly about a character that I would like to smack him upside his head.  Awesome series – can’t wait to read the next.

Sylvia DayCrossfire Series

Sex, Steam, and Angst Oh my!  More than filled the gap after reading FSOG a few times.  In this series, the characters both had a background in rubbing elbows with the upper crust, which I prefer over the whole Pretty Woman fantasy.  Eva finds Gideon’s most fabulous attributes to include his beauty, stamina, size, and prowess, which can make for an entertaining relationship.  More importantly, those traits make for a captivating book!  After recently gifting Bared to You to a relative, I couldn’t help myself and go back and read it again.  Well, once I finished it, I continued with the next, Reflected in You.  I was enjoying myself too much and I finished the rest of the series.  It fits the criteria: (1) page-turner/can’t put down (2) want to re-read (3) would gift to a friend.  This series is listed on many sites as something to read after Fifty Shades of Grey.  I prefer not to compare books for a number of different reasons.  I know a lot of people disliked Fifty and I wouldn’t want people to be hesitant to read this series because they disliked FSOG.  I’ll refrain from comparing these two series even though there are a number of similarities.  But simply, if you like a book with a lot of seriously steamy scenes – read this series.  Gideon and Eva can’t get enough of each other.  If they’re happy, they shag.  If they’re angry, they shag.  STAMINA – that’s the first word I think of when I think about this book.  They go at each other at least 3-4 times per day.  Their couples therapist isn’t certain that their indulgence in sex is actually healthy.  They both refuse to try abstinence to address their issues.  Gideon and Eva share a similar troubled past and a relatively similar taste for the rich and fancy.  They face constant problems as a result of their pasts and can’t seem to catch a break.  In addition, the side characters are fantastic.  Cary, Eva’s best and purely platonic friend is great.  He’s flawed but lovable none-the-less.  Hopefully he’ll get his happily-ever-after in the final installment.  Gideon is generally very supportive of Eva’s relationship with Cary.  But at one time he suggests that Eva might be better off without Cary in her life.

Abbi Glines – Rosemary Beach

Even though I accidentally read this series out of order, I had no problem keeping up.  The intermingling of this group of friends and their relationships had me craving for more.  I will be very sad when the series ends.

E.L. James – Fifty Shades of Grey

This is the book that all books involving filthy rich males seducing a woman are compared against.  My favorite part of the novels were the emails that went back and forth between Christian and Anastasia.  The cheekiness was delightful.

Lisa Rene JonesInside Out Triology

Nice combination of mystery, sex, and affluence centered around the world of art.  I have yet to read the rest of the books in this extended series, but would like to.

J. Kenner

Stark Trilogy: Yes, he’s unimaginably wealthy, but the connection between Damien and Nikki is the essence of what makes this series great.  The balance of their need for one another speaks to the heart.

Stark International: This is a spin off of the Stark Trilogy and is written in the same vein.  The connection between the two series is fantastic but I refuse to spoil it.  Similar to Damien, Jackson Steele is a wealthy and powerful architect that gets what he wants.  He is controlling and manipulative, but for a submissive those are all good attributes.  Sometimes the line between good control and bad control aren’t clear, which makes relationships complicated.*  He has a history of pushing Sylvia Brooks too far.  Is he out to win her heart or just out to win control over her?  Sylvia Brooks left Jackson once before, but will returning to his bed be too much for her.  Beware, this book ends such that you’ll feel compelled to read the next.   * This complication only relates to the adult relationship between Sylvia and Jackson.  Sylvia’s childhood past includes being assaulted by an adult.  Under no circumstances should an adult take such action on a minor child.  This distinction is clear in the story as well.

Most Wanted Series: Holy GQ, bad boy, hotness! The males are corrupt but totally sexy.  The titillating game of cat and mouse as the characters unite is brilliant.  It would be great if other books followed in this series.

Beth KeryBecause You Are Mine Series

This is a series that starts out hot, but then explodes with fierceness in the final book.  Must read the entire series!  It is totally worth it.

R.K. Lilley – Up in the Air Series

What makes this series exceptional is that not only are the two main characters, Bianca and James, interesting, but the gay best friend of the female character, Stephen.  Through the use of this character, many more facets about the main characters are revealed.  Looking forward to reading Mr. Beautiful soon.

Jennifer Probst – Marriage to a Billionaire Series

My favorite of the series was the 1st, The Marriage Bargain, where the marriage didn’t actually involve a billionaire.  If power and tomfoolery that comes with big bucks appeals to you, read this series.

Tina Reber – Love Series

Big A list actor falls for bar owner.  The stories excel in weaving realism and hollywood fantasy.  The bets between the characters left me rolling on the floor laughing.  Totally entertaining.

J.C. Reed – Surrender Your Love Series

Signing a consensual sex act and confidentiality agreement with your new boss at a real estate firm might not be the best idea.  However, with a hot mega-wealthy boss, named Jett, where do I sign?  Steamy scenes and crazy twists, make the book great.

Tara Sue Me – Submissive Series

Ready to step into the world of BDSM?  Finding a balance in life is often a challenge and it was gripping to behold how the characters balanced their sex life.  When Abby says “Turpentine” I wanted to cry for her.  I look forward to every additional book in this series.

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