Lorraine Loveit – Hard Ball 3rd Quarter: A Contested Possession (Playing the Game #3)


Finally, a book where the submissive shows some backbone and starts to stand up for herself.  It’s okay to say NO.  It’s okay to use your safe word.  Neither scenario permanently destroys the nature of the D/s relationship.

The tides start to turn in this 3rd book in the series.  Brendon begins to warm up a bit.  In fact, his warmer moments were extremely hot!


Susie starts to speak up for herself, which is fantastic.  She starts to level the playing field between her and Brendon – pun intended.

Brendon continues to have huge jealousy issues that makes him blind to the important thing in front of him.

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Eliza Madison – Fast, Fresh, and Hot


Finally!  A romance with a little diversity (and I don’t mean cliched diversity that over emphasizes stereotypes).  Tariq was born in Egypt and his father was Iranian.  He moved to England when he was young so he has a bit of English flair in his vocabulary.  Besides Tariq’s olive colored skin, he also isn’t just some pizza delivery guy who’s out to bed every delivery customer.  He’s a graduate student and refuses to be dismissed as a boy toy.  Becca is outside the norm, as well.  She is a bit quirky in that she has an appreciation for Batman, including a tattoo in an intimate place.  Also, unlike characters in other novels that seem to forget all life responsibilities during their romances, Becca prioritizes her academic career.

The title is perfectly apropos.  It’s Fast – their relationship develops quickly.  It’s Fresh – the rarity of the characters is awesome.  And, holy cow is it HOT!  This isn’t some pizza-cheesy porn.  There’s serious sizzling chemistry between Tariq and Becca.

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Samantha Cole – Waiting For Him (Cover Reveal & Review)

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The Sexy Six-Pack returns with more teamwork, more suspense, and, most of all, more hot and steamy romance!

Twelve years ago, eighteen-year-old Ben ‘Boomer’ Michaelson’s world had fallen apart. Not only had his best friend, Alex Maier, been killed, but Alex’s family had perished as well, including his seventeen-year-old sister, Katerina. The car accident occurred less than thirty-six hours after Ben and Kat had declared their love for each other, leaving him devastated at the loss of the only woman who’d ever held his heart in her hands.

After spending the past twelve years with her father in the Witness Protection Program, Kat finds herself all alone in the world. The last thing she wants to do is put her high-school sweetheart in danger, but he’s the only person she has left who she trusts with her life. They need to find out who is after her and why. She just hopes they are both still alive when the mystery is solved.

Ben, now a former Navy SEAL working for a private security company, is shocked to find his new client is a ghost from his past. He knows he can’t refuse to help her, but when it’s over, he will have to let her go. She deserves better than the man he’s become.

Will Ben and Kat survive? Or will he once again have to bury the only woman he’s ever loved?

18+ Adult Only Content

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This is so much better than other cookie-cutter BDSM stories!  I love when Kat complains that some things aren’t as expressed in other romance books.  During another scene, Boomer comments on how Kat really needs to work on dirty talk and forces her to use phrases beyond “You know.”  It was great that the author poked a little fun at the perfect fantasy world of romance novels and made  some scenes a little more real.  The story made me blush and laugh.  But please don’t misunderstand, the steamy scenes were hot as hell.  By the way, if you had the pleasure of reading the first two books in the series – Carter makes a significantly sizzling appearance in Waiting for Him.

Boomer is fantastic.  The struggle between his head on his shoulders and the one further south is remarkable.  The fear of risking his heart once again was overwhelming.

The suspense aspects of the story was interesting and well written.  I particularly liked how the females, despite the presence of ex Navy Seals, were portrayed in a strong manner.  None of them acted like damsels in distress.

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Tara Sue Me – The Chalet (#3.5 Submissive Trilogy)


After a month-long self-imposed period of abstinence, Nathaniel and Abigail celebrate their honeymoon.  Friends warned them that it would lead to a very brief interlude.  Of course, Nathaniel has way too much control to accidentally fall to such low expectations.  On the other hand, pun intended, they both meet the challenge of satisfying one another within 5 minutes.  The tone of the rest of the honeymoon is agreed upon by the newlyweds, “We should make wicked and decadent the theme for our honeymoon.”  They start coming to terms about their non-collared time together and incorporating both Nathaniel’s dominant side and Abigail’s submissive side – less rules but still a lot of seriously hot sex.  This book is so hot that it will make you desperate for a romantic getaway.

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Christina Lauren – Beautiful Beloved (Beautiful Bastard #3.6)


GREAT READ!  I laughed out loud and had to fan myself during the steamy scenes.  Max and Sara have had a baby and are trying to find regain the passion of their sex life that they shared before becoming parents.  The authors nailed a lot of the emotions that new parents experience, but made it into a hot and fun story.  Sara accidentally sends a pic of Max going down on her to Max’s friend that was watching the baby.  Will replies to the pic, “Okay . . . that was unexpected but message received.  Take your time.  We’ll figure out the milk thing.”  The tenderness in the story rounds out the book.  The openness between Max and Sara is inspiring and lovely to read.  It was beautifully sincere when Max admits to his feelings about how much he loves the changes to Sara’s post-pregnancy body.

The authors of this book are fantastic.  There are so many quotable lines.  Here are a few to enjoy:






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C.D. Taylor – Left to Chance (#2 The Chances Are Series)


This story begins with some fabulously colorful writing that sucks in the reader.  After ten shots of tequila, Eliza ends up very drunk and marries her nemesis, Gabe.  A mistake in getting married isn’t new to romance books, but it is the back story on each of these characters where C.D. Taylor excels in her writing.  The plot is full of unexpectedly fresh twists.  I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t give away any details.  In the end, I can honestly say that I had to stay up way past my bedtime because there was no way I could fall asleep without finishing the story.

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Tara Sue Me – The Collar (The Submissive #5)


This story focuses on Dena and Jeff and is told in both the present and past.  In the present, it is clear that the two love each other very much, but they have been avoiding each other for years.

Dena is fantastic, she’s an attorney and is dynamically in control in a courtroom.  She has the strength and earnest to be a Domme, but knows herself well enough to understand and appreciate her need to be a submissive.  For once, it is the female submissive that is the wealthy one in the relationship.  Jeff was her Master in the past.  Dominance doesn’t mean without weakness.  Rather than claim the woman he is love with, Jeff sets off on a course to run away.

There’s a perfect amount of mystery and suspense.  It is just enough to give the characters a reason to exist in each others’ lives but doesn’t distract from the true romance of the novel.

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Abbi Glines – Hold On Tight (Sea Breeze #8)


This may be my favorite of the series, which is saying a lot because this series is sensational.  (It can be read as a stand alone) No one ever forgets their first love, even if it never amounts to a relationship.  It can be intense and real, despite the age of the people.

For Sienna, she fell in love with Dewayne when she was a freshman in high school and he helped her open her locker.  For Dewayne, he constantly looked out for her, including pushing his brother to commit to a relationship with Sienna. A series of tragic life events occurred that separated Sienna and Dewayne for 6 years.

Now, she’s back in Sea Breeze with  her 5 year-old son. Sienna is beautiful, independent, and an excellent mother.  Dewayne is enamored with Sienna but has a lot of emotionally healing that is necessary to enter a relationship with Sienna.  Dewayne has a heart of gold and needs to understand his value.  Sienna needs to get-over a few of her hang-ups as well.

The melding of their emotional and sexual relationship is endearing with a perfect touch of scintillating.  Behaving like a manwhore for years, Dewayne certainly brings a level of expertise to the table (or bed). I love the distinctions made between high-school romance and young adult romance.

This book is listed in the teen section of my library.  If my teenagers were at the stage where they were dating, I would want them to read this book.  And, if you’re beyond your teenage years, like myself, forget the teen label and enjoy this wonderfully romantic story!

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Sylvia Day – Crossfire Series



After recently gifting Bared to You to a relative, I couldn’t help myself and go back and read it again.  Well, once I finished it, I continued with the next, Reflected in You.  I was enjoying myself too much and I finished the rest of the series.  While I don’t choose to actually rate the books I read, I would certainly give this high reviews.  It fits the criteria: (1) page-turner/can’t put down (2) want to re-read (3) would gift to a friend.

This series is listed on many sites as something to read after Fifty Shades of Grey.  I prefer not to compare books for a number of different reasons.  I know a lot of people disliked Fifty and I wouldn’t want people to be hesitant to read this series because they disliked FSOG.  I’ll refrain from comparing these two series even though there are a number of similarities.  But simply, if you like a book with a lot of seriously steamy scenes – read this series.

Gideon and Eva can’t get enough of each other.  If they’re happy, they shag.  If they’re angry, they shag.  STAMINA – that’s the first word I think of when I think about this book.  They go at each other at least 3-4 times per day.


Their couples therapist isn’t certain that their indulgence in sex is actually healthy.  They both refuse to try abstinence to address their issues.  Gideon and Eva share a similar troubled past and a relatively similar taste for the rich and fancy.  They face constant problems as a result of their pasts and can’t seem to catch a break.


In addition, the side characters are fantastic.  Cary, Eva’s best and purely platonic friend is great.  He’s flawed but lovable none-the-less.  Hopefully he’ll get his happily-ever-after in the final installment.  Gideon is generally very supportive of Eva’s relationship with Cary.  But at one time he suggests that Eva might be better off without Cary in her life.

There is fifth book expected to be released, which I fully intend on reading – One With You.  No release date has been set yet.

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J. Kenner – On My Knees (Stark International Trilogy #2)


Everyone knows that make-up sex is hot.  Well, Sylvia and Jackson argue, disagree, and have miscommunications throughout this book.  The passion that they share when reconnecting is scorching.  It doesn’t matter if they’re in public or in private, nothing keeps them from stripping and claiming each other.  “This isn’t about sex or love or even passion.  It’s about need.  It’s about release.”  While the they repeat this pattern, each scene is uniquely descriptive, provocative, and mind-racinlgy naughty.

I love that the BDSM relationship that Sylvia and Jackson have established isn’t based soley on kink.  Rather, it is based on a deep connection.  “Now, though, they could fight their demons together.  Yin and yang.  Control and submission.  Pleasure and pain.  And on and on and on until they sent each other spiraling over that invisible line where it all became the same.  Where pain gave way to pleasure, and control revealed itself to be nothing more than surrender.”

On my knees

Bottom line, J. Kenner’s talent is awesome.

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