Kelly Jamieson – How to Love (San Amaro Singles, Book 2)


Good things come to those that wait.  When I finished reading the first in this series, With Strings Attached, I was so sad for Dylan.  I was miffed that the 2nd book in the series didn’t continue with Dylan’s story.  But this book was so amazing that I quickly forgot my irritation and was fully engaged in the story.

This was a unique threesome book in the sense that it began with two bisexual men looking to add a woman to their relationship.   They’re not just looking for a wild one-nighter.  They want the real relationship, but that’s not easy.  Mike worries about pushing Jules too quickly into a relationship.  Jules fears all relationships.  And Carlos is afraid to hope that a relationship is possible.

Despite all of the characters’ individual fears about relationships, there’s no holding back in the bedroom.  There’s no hesitation and is 100% HOT.

The book delivers everything it promises on the back of the book:

“Warning: The book features two hot men brave enough to climb cliffs, strip naked for erotic photographs, have sex in a portrait studio and on a cliff, and who have the courage to teach a commitment-phobic woman how to love.”

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J. Kenner – Tame Me


Holy Cow this short book packs a powerful punch.  In general, I’m not usually a fan of novellas.  I prefer to get deeply lost in a character and that just can’t happen in a short story.   This book is the exception.

There is a lot frustratingly fun drama.  There’s even a touch of deep seriousness.  Ryan states, “No matter how much we love them, we all grow up surrounded by our parents’ shit.  You’ll either be buried in it and suffocate, or use it for fertilizer and thrive.”  Most importantly, the heat factor in this book is off the charts.  This is the kind of book I’ll leave on the nightstand because I’m certain to be re-reading it on a cold evening.  A girl needs to stay warm.

Also, I enjoyed the story because it was satisfying to see Jamie Archer, best friend to Nikki – newly married to Damien Stark, finally get her happily ever after.

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E L James – Grey


Yes, I am a fan of Fifty Shades Grey.  If you’re not a fan of FSOG, don’t bother reading this review and please don’t write any comments.

Did I think FSOG was perfect?  No, but I don’t really know of any book that I would say is perfect.

Now I take a deep breath. I fear writing about what seems to be such a controversial book/series.  It’s not that I fear arguing my points – I did become an attorney.  But rather, for me, reading is supposed to be fun.  It’s not something that warrants arguing my position.  If I enjoy a book, I like to share my thoughts.  If I don’t like the book I simply don’t waste my time writing about it.

All that being said, if you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, I recommend reading Grey.  Christian is certainly an interesting character and is worthy of his POV story.  I loved the way in which he questions his own feelings and is certainly trying to better himself.  Of course, his continued inability to sense how others are concerned about him was a bit sad.  I was surprised by how little he opened up to Elena.  Most importantly, I liked learning how his relationship with Anastasia eased his troubled psyche.

In the end, I think I preferred Grey to Fifty Shades of Grey.  Except, I don’t like books that end cliff hangers.  Frustrating, right?  At least in this case, the reader knows the ultimate outcome.  I wouldn’t mind a little more Christian in future POV books.

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Samantha Cole – His Angel (Trident Security #2)


Okay, it’s official – I’ve fallen in love with this series.  If you’re a fan of Shayla Black’s books, I’m sure you will enjoy this series, too.

Let’s talk heat … the Trident men are both owners and employees of a security company as well as owners and members of a sex club.  The steamy scenes are deliciously descriptive and original.  I needed a cold shower after reading some of the them. But at the same time, the scenes include some humor.  I laughed when Ian said, “I want to thank then kill the bastard who taught you how to give a blow job, cause you’re so fucking good at it.  But I don’t want to imagine you doing this to anyone else but me.”

I love the intensity of the story.  The kidnapping suspense portion of the book fit within the romance story very well.  The characters’ personalities remained evident but adjusted nicely in the stressful situation.  In the middle of an escape, Ian pauses to confront Angie but insists that he’s going to hold her to their D/s contract as long as possible.

The extended cast of characters adds a lot to the story.  I enjoyed how Ian’s friends poke fun and embarrass Angie about her escapades.  I found myself actually blushing just as the character in the story.

Beyond the bedroom fun and killers on a mission, the relationships felt very real.  Ian is distraught over a failed previous engagement and fears “forever” relationships.  His hesitancy doesn’t feel false or indicative of a simple male stereotype.  In addition, Angie’s close relationship with her best friend, Jimmy, serves as a barometer to Ian and Angie’s relationship.  The interactions between the two men cements the status of the relationships nicely.  Finally, I liked how the author slips in relationship-oriented notions about D/s commitments.  Ian points out to Angie that he isn’t able to read her mind.  Communication is important in any relationship and that doesn’t go away in a D/s one.

I can’t wait to read the next in the series!

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Anna Bayes – Through His Lens


Quick and hot, with meaning in the mix.  A recently divorced woman poses for a photographer.  He doesn’t want wham bam thank you ‘mam.  The way in which he sees more in her than just her physical beauty is romance at its best.  He wants her to belong to him and beg him.  He knows how to work the situation to get her to fall completely for him.  He burrows deeper and states, “I want to make you miss me in every detail of your life because there’s me in all of them.”

Slight spoiler alert …  We all know that a romance book always ends with a happily ever after, so I don’t really think this is a true spoiler.  This was one of the best last lines of a book that I’ve read lately.  It’s simply and succinctly meaningful.

“We are together, inspiring each other, and making each other happy.  We are lucky.”

Nathan is great at seduction.  It made me question how this story would be different if it were a man just recently divorced and the photographer was a woman.  Oh well, that’s a completely different story.  Probably one lacking any teeth.

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Laurell K. Hamilton – Dead Ice (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #24)


Dead Ice is a great mix of paranormal plot and serious sexual adventure.

Laurell K. Hamilton does paranormal romance like no other.  Anita Blake is a necromancer that raises the dead and has more vampire kills than any other U.S. Marshall.  She also holds the lycanthrope powers of various shapeshifting animals.  Her metaphysical powers increase throughout the series.  She’s engaged to the head vampire of all of America, but is also romantically involved with many others.  It’s not these facts that make Anita Blake such an interesting character but rather the manner in which she treats others.  She’s tough, she’s intelligent, she’s blunt, she’s fair, she’s accepting, and she knows how to put someone in their place.  Anita is the epitome of being open and tolerant.

The romantic plot of Dead Ice centers around trying to figure out who should be included in a commitment ceremony with Anita Blake.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of men (and a few women) in Anita’s life from which to choose.  Surprisingly for the number of sexual partners that Anita has, she really doesn’t openly engage in sex with someone she doesn’t care about.  She has partners in her sex life that are initiated by love and others by power.  But she always deeply cares about those with which she sleeps.

The author attempts to explain the basic nature of the polyamorous relationship.  “Poly isn’t about being completely fair for most people.  There are some who run it with near perfect equality, but for most of us there are primary relationships, there are secondary, and even ones less serious than that.”

By the end, the marriage and commitment ceremony have yet to take place, which leaves the reader wanting to read the next in the series.  A lot can happen in a single day of Anita Blake’s life.  I’m looking forward to the next book.

I’ll have to say, I wish I had a relationship tree to follow all of Anita Blake’s relationships.  This is her 24th book and as the series continues so does Anita’s list of sexual partners.  I read the first 17 books in a binge reading session – the series is addictive.  But now, that I’m reading the books as they are published, my time between reading each has increased.  It makes it harder to recall all the characters.

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Lorraine Loveit – Time On Elimination Final (Playing the Game #5)



Susie’s war in her head between choosing to be with Jason or Brendon continues in Time On Elimination Final.  She left the hands of one Dominant to the hands of another.  While Jason does have his own playroom, his style of dominating Susie is vastly different than Brendon’s abusive manner.  Jason certainly has his priorities in order, “Seeing to [Susie’s] sexual pleasure – in every conceivable way[.]”  He likes to keep his rules simple: trust and respect.  Jason seems to be the right choice.   He’s hot, amazing in bed, caring, considerate, and openly admits his love for Susie.  However, Susie can’t get thoughts of Brendon out of her head.  She also can’t seem to reciprocate the intensity of Jason’s love for her.  Her conflicts aren’t just between two men.  She isn’t even sure if she is cut out for being a submissive.  Jason starts to doubt her commitment to being a submissive.  Was it just a passing phase?  Was she just dabbling?  To make matters more confusing in Susie’s mind, Brendon is seeking therapy to cure his overly jealous and aggressive nature.  Even more so, he’s willing to give up all the painful types of kink for Susie.

“And that was the $64,000 question – would [Susie] be happy with that Brendon? Probably.  Could [she] leave what [she] had with Jason?  Probably not.”

Why can’t Susie seem to rectify her feelings?  It’s difficult when love is defined with feelings in your heart and not a quantifiable list in your head.  This difficulty is what makes this book a great read.

While this is the fifth book in the Playing the Game series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  The author does a fantastic job of recapping the story at the beginning.  Whether you’re new to series or just have forgotten what happened in the last story – not a problem.

Bonus: Book includes an excerpt form Grand Final “The Last Game.”  Be careful reading this, it ends with a cliff hanger that could lead to death in waiting in anticipation for the final book. 🙂

This book will be released on June 27, 2015.

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Abbi Glines – Bad For You (Sea Breeze # 7)

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Sea Breeze Series: Beware – totally additive reading!  The characters are young, mature, fun, sensual, and I cannot get enough of them.  The stories moves at such a pace that it is nearly impossible to put down.  (I say “nearly” because I still have kids to tend to).  At one point in Bad for You, Blythe thinks to herself that, “I felt like I was watching an episode of Dawson’s Creek.”  That is how I feel when reading these books.  The stories are effortless and entertaining.

Krit is a sexy bad boy rock star that behaves like a man whore, but is attracted to a truly innocent girl, Blythe.  Despite their huge differences, there is a mutual spark between Krit and Blythe.  Krit’s new found jealousy for Blythe is absolutely entertaining.  His friend chides, “Krit, meet jealousy.  It’s a bitter bitch.”  My favorite heart wrenching moment was when Krit begged Blythe not to leave him.

Bad for You is full of love and evil.  Evil is defined by one’s actions.  Some of the characters are obviously evil while others are better at hiding it.  The contrast between the two ideas make the feeling of love and respect all the more amazing.

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Samantha Cole – Leather and Lace (Trident Security Book 1)


This book is like a delicious dessert recipe that has just the right combination of ingredients.  It’s got a “sexy six pack” of men that happen to be well built ex navy seals.  Devon comes from a lot of money; but doesn’t flaunt it, act superior because of it, or use it to manipulate Kristen. He does own a sex club and is a well skilled Dominant.  I love how he humorously refers to Kristen’s ex-husband by an assortment of derogatory names like “goat fucker.” But Devon’s best quality is the way in which he enables Kristen to forget her displeasing sexual history and guides her to discover pleasure.  The sex scenes are hot!  There is also an edge to Devon that makes him come across as thoughtful rather than just a domineering ass.

Kristen is a relatable character – she’s a fan of romance novels.  She says, “Too bad life wasn’t a steamy romance novel with a hot and hunky hero knocking on her door.”  Who hasn’t thought that at one time or another?

Finally, the crime/suspense story line didn’t detract from the romantic story line.  It did leave me wanting to get to know Carter better.  I’m hoping to get to know him better as the series progresses.

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Nalini Singh – Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss #1)


I love Molly!  She’s strong and independent.  She’s willing to go for what she wants.  Despite never have been with a man, she decides she wants a one night stand with the hot rock star and when given the opportunity she jumps at the chance.  Unbeknownst to her, Zachary Fox has no intention of letting her go.  I really liked when she decided to follow Fox to the states, she still worried about her career that she was giving up.  Further, to her credit, when she has to face some of her worst fears, she handles it with grace.  Shockingly, she doesn’t run from the situation.

The group of guys in the band make a great supporting cast.  It was heart warming how Molly was ingratiated into their friendships.  Thus, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series: Rock Courtship and Rock Hard.

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