Emma Chase – Appealed (The Legal Briefs Series #3)


Humorous, Fun, & Romantic!!  Another great hit by Emma Chase!!  This is an amazingly fantastic teenage lovers reunited story.

Let’s face it, teenage boys are selfish and immature, it’s not surprising that the relationship fizzled so quickly when then were young.  Their break up was realistic and emotionally true to their age.  It left both of them damaged for about 15 years.

Adult Brent is awesome.  He’s quit witted, great friend, and intelligent.  He also has a great sense of humor.  When his mom orchestrates an arrangement that leads him to share a room with Kennedy, he says

“Now she’s just creeping me out.  It’s one thing if I want to screw Kennedy ten different ways.  But to think of my mother cheering us on – sitting on the sidelines with a flag in one hand and foam cock in the other – is just wrong.”

Brent and Kennedy are an easy couple to want to cheer for.  Both of them come from extremely privileged homes and have trust funds to keep them happy, but they work their asses off at their legal jobs.  The heart of their relationship is based on the passion between them not on the lavish lifestyle that they could lead together.

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Without spoiling the story – BEST twist on a teenagers reuniting love story.

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Aubry Bondurant – Ask Me Something (The Something Series #2)


Romance, humor, and drama – all wrapped into one book.

First, let’s talk romance.  Again, Bondurant breaks away from the normal workplace romance.  This isn’t a lust at first sight book where the weak woman falls at the feet of her boss.  Their relationship is based on years of friendship.  Sasha is a remarkably strong and successful woman and has a fabulously quick-wit tongue.  Brian is more easy going and enjoys Sasha’s challenging smart mouth.  While he may have a laid-back personality, he surprisingly demands control in the bedroom.  However, he’s not into pain play.  He’s all about pleasurable torture, making the steamy scenes very HOT.  Also, he notes that he’s not opposed to Sasha’s occasional desire of control when she states, “Maybe I want to be spontaneous and take you in my mouth without permission some morning.”

Ask Me Something

There’s tons of humor woven throughout the story – too many to quote, but here’s one:

Sasha gives Brian’s 22 year-old sister advice on what to do if the man she is attracted to does’t feel the same, “Okay, You get a big glass of wine, buy yourself a good vibrator, and you say to hell with him.  If he can’t realize that you’re a catch, McKensie, then it’s his loss.”

There’s well-written drama from all directions: family, work, and of course the relationship.

The happily-ever-after included a few delightful twists that left me smiling for days.

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Emma Chase – Tied


I love Drew and I love this book!  Drew Evans is the perfect blend of male characteristics, which makes him incredibly sexy.  He’s cocky but justifiably arrogant.  He’s intelligent and successful in the investment banking world.  He’s beautiful.  He’s an asshole, but he’s self-aware of it and is honest enough to admit to the shortcomings of his natural male tendencies.  He’s not immune to jealousy, which makes him a bit more appreciative.  He’s got a practically insatiable libido, but very generous in bed.  Drew isn’t afraid of speaking about what’s on his mind, sometimes crass  (and funny) and sometimes very romantic.  I melted when he told his mom, “If it wasn’t for you-I never would’ve been able to win over a woman like Kate.”  And, he’s a wonderful caring father.  Of course he believes that seeing a shirtless guy with a baby is a form of “female frigging Viagra.”  Overall, Drew is the yin and yang of perfection.

This book was very much worth losing sleep over – I couldn’t put it down.  Every page kept my attention.  The humor in the book is like frosting that holds a cake together.  It makes the whole even more delicious.  Emma Chase teases about the gratuitous oral scene.  Well hey, I like a little extra frosting on my cake.  There are so many funny lines that I would love to quote and share, but I don’t want to spoil the entire book experience.

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Lorelei James – “Tied Up, Tied Down”


This is Book 4 in the Rough Riders Series.

Kade may be the closest thing to perfection: sexy, strong, helpful, thoughtful, good father, and has strong libido.  Let’s not forget – he’s also exceptional with rope.  He’s certainly perfect for Skylar whose mind is filled with “kinky bondage fantasies.”

Not to worry, Kade and Skylar make enough blunders to make for an interesting plot line.

In addition, the huge McKay clan adds humor and warmth, which make the Rough Riders a must-read series.

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Lorelei James – “All Jacked Up”


This is the 8th book in Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series.  I can be honest – I am totally addicted to this series.

One of the reasons I love this book in the series is because I love the strong female character.  She is the baby girl of a large family, but has an independent streak and a spine of steel.  She owns her sexuality and has no regrets about her sexual history.  And, I love how she refers to Jack as “Jack-off” when she is irritated with him.

Jack may not be a cowboy, but he is just as hot as the other cowboys in the series.  One of my favorite parts is when Jack and Keely tell her family that they are engaged.  Individually, each of Keely’s five older brothers and her father, warn Jack that they will “gut him” if he does anything to harm Keely.  It definitely takes a real man not to cave when threatened like that.

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Vote for Goodreads Choice Awards – Best Humor Book 2014

51YGFQCe25L._AA160_  Vote for “Tied” – it is humor and romance in one.

Tangled Series: Tangled, Holy Frigging Matrimony, Twisted, Tamed, & Tied

This is an awesome series!  Fresh, Blunt, and Funny.  Give it to me straight – what a guy really thinks.  I love a book that makes me feel so strongly about a character that I would like to smack him upside his head.

If you haven’t read this series – you should.

If you haven’t voted, go to goodreads.

Shelly Laurenston – “The Beast in Him”


Tussling and cherry pie – Oh My!  This was a great humorous paranormal romance!  The interplay between Jess and Smitty is consistently witty and entertaining.  It is filled with fantastic running dialog between the characters throughout the entire book.  My favorite is when Jess questions Smitty about teaching the pups the term, “Tussling.”   Smitty responds, “Oh, you want me to be more specific?”  My other favorite quote is, “He didn’t know what got to him more; the suction with which she sucked his fingers, the little sounds she made while she did it, or the way her eyes closed and her entire body rocked against him.”

There are many more books in the series.  Next time I have PMS, I’m definitely reading the next in the series to help cheer me up.

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