Lauren Dane – Back To You (Hurley Boys #3)


I’m a huge fan of this spin-off series. It originally started with the Brown Family then transitioned to the Delicous Series and culminated in this Hurley Boys series.  I have read the other series numerous times and loved all of the books.  I admit that I’m one of those people that must finish a series and I’m happy that I read this book.  I needed to read Kelly’s and Vaughn’s happily ever after.  However, this one did not pack as powerful of a punch as her other books, which was a disappointing way to end the series.  The steamy scenes lacked heat (in comparison to her other books) and the conflicts weren’t as explosive as I would have expected.  One thing that I did like about the character Kelly was how she learned to own her anger.  If you’re like me and loved the rest of the series, then consider reading this one, too.

While there has been no mentioned of another book, I would love to read a story about Jeremy, the Hurleys and Adrien’s manager.  He deserves his HEA, too.

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Nalini Singh – Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss #1)


I love Molly!  She’s strong and independent.  She’s willing to go for what she wants.  Despite never have been with a man, she decides she wants a one night stand with the hot rock star and when given the opportunity she jumps at the chance.  Unbeknownst to her, Zachary Fox has no intention of letting her go.  I really liked when she decided to follow Fox to the states, she still worried about her career that she was giving up.  Further, to her credit, when she has to face some of her worst fears, she handles it with grace.  Shockingly, she doesn’t run from the situation.

The group of guys in the band make a great supporting cast.  It was heart warming how Molly was ingratiated into their friendships.  Thus, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series: Rock Courtship and Rock Hard.

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Olivia Cunning – Tease Me (One Night with Sole Regret #7)


What makes for great sex?  Is it the act itself or the emotional connection behind the act?  That’s the question in Adam and Madison’s ignitable relationship.  Adam is a recovering addict and Madison was his counselor, turned lover.  This is unethical for Madison and she ultimately gets fired for it, but it is indicative of the undeniable chemistry between Adam and she.  After being together for a year casually, Adam’s love turns more serious quickly.  Madison is reluctant to want more in their relationship.  Adams teases Madison relentlessly for 24 hours to prepare her for an escapade at a sex club in New Orleans.  I could feel Madison’s achiness as Adam splendidly tortured her.  After Madison behaves as he hoped at the club, he unexpectedly becomes possessive and angry.  Madison is sent into a tail spin trying to rectify Adam’s irritation at her behaving exactly as he wanted.  He further shocks her by proposing marriage.  Adam’s unpredictable reactions leave Madison completely unbalanced and stunned into silence.  This role reversal between Adam and Madison is amusing.

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Olivia Cunning – Tell Me (One Night With Sole Regret #6)


If you like romance books about rock stars, you must read this series.  Olivia Cunning is a goddess author of rock star romance!

Gabe is the epitome of the phrase ‘Don’t judge people by the cover.’  He is a mohawk, tattoo emblazoned metal rock band drummer with the mind of a physicist.  He puts his mind to good use by designing sex toys.  (I definitely majored in the wrong type of engineering in college).  His creativity in the toy realm is reason enough to read this book.  Beyond, the incredible bedroom scenes, the book delves into the concept of being accepted by one’s own family.  Sometimes how one believes that they are viewed is vastly different from how their family actually views them.   I love how Gabe’s mom knows immediately that Melanie is the right person for him.

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Olivia Cunning – Take Me to Paradise


Brian and Myrna go off on their honeymoon.  I wish I had kept a tally for every time they had sex.  It’s fine a line between getting lost in a fictional story and admitting that I’m reading fiction.  But seriously, is it even humanly possible to have sex that many times in a day for that many days?  Brian requests another threesome with Trey.  Myrna adamantly says no because she believes that it isn’t very casual between Brian and Trey.  Because Trey is my favorite Sinner, I keep rooting for something between him and Brian (and Myrna).  I’m most looking forward to see how this relationship plays out as the series continues.  Without a doubt – I’ll be reading every single book!

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Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott – Rocked (Lost in Oblivion #1)


Harper is a chef that travels on tour with rock bands.  She’s young, but a little jaded, because she’s been in the business of being on the road since she was a child.  She’s turned down many opportunities for sex with rockstars, but she breaks all her rules and hops in bed with Deacon.  He’s 6 foot 5 in and is done sowing his wild oats. He only wants one woman now.  Living on tour leads to interesting opportunities for Harper and Deacon to steal incredibly hot moments together.  One that leaves Deacon giving Harper the nickname, Lawless.  It even inspires the other band member to change the lyrics of Summer of Sixty-Nine to “Back when we were doing sixty-nine in the bunk.”  Inevitably their respective careers will lead them in different directions and be separated for long periods of time.  He’s in love with Harper and has forever in eyes, but will their connection and the number of orgasms he can incite from Harper enough to get past her jaded view of rockstars?

This is a great rock star romance book.  I’m so happy to get hooked on a new series.

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Olivia Cunning – One Starry Night


Extra, Extra, Read all about it … Sinners on Tour Extras … Extra Sinful, Extra Sex, Extra Hot Man

Fan of Olivia Cunning?  YOU MUST READ!  I realize the story is a bit tangential to the favorite core group of rockers, but Jake, a guitar technician and roadie for the band, certainly epitomizes the lovable sexy rock stars.  He’s crass, crude, and says whatever is on his mind, which is mostly sex.  The three-way between Jake, Devlin, and Michelle was UNBELIEVABLY HOT!  This book may be short, but remember it’s quality that counts, not quantity.  Only $0.99 on Amazon

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Tiffanie Debartolo – How to Kill a Rock Star


Great romance book for those who have very high standards of rock music appreciation.  Paul and Eliza share a taste for music that bashes pop music and only favors songs that include quality lyrics and genius musicality.  The story was very unexpected.  I almost felt like it was elevating music to the level of literal passion in Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard when the author mentioned a love of the Botticelli paintings in Uffizi.  I originally had anticipated a hot, sex, drugs, and rock and roll novel.  The story was more gut wrenching than sinfully sexy.  Even after reading the HEA, the painful heart break stuck with me for days.  For that reason, I recommend this book. Good or bad, sometimes you just need a book to tap into deep feelings.

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Lauren Dane – Broken Open (Hurley Boys #2)


Love this series!  Why?

(1) The characters from the first book are very much intwined in the second and their story continues but don’t detract from the main story

Natalie is Tuesday’s best friend and confidant, she is important to Tuesday.  Paddy is Ezra’s brother and important, too.  Getting a peak into the progression of their friendship is a bonus to this story.

(2) The theme of trust continues from book one into this book

Ezra says to Tuesday, “I want to be sure everything is all right with you.  If I can’t be bothered to take care of the trust you give me, I don’t deserve it.”

(3) the bedroom scenes are hot (really, it is the main reason to read romance)

I love the humor in the scenes as well.  Ezra refers to his amazing ability to maintain a hard-on under any circumstances.  Then there are a few instances where Ezra’s pets try to intrude.  “I warned them [the pets] not to cockblock me again.”

Even as a stand alone, this is pleasurable romance.  Ezra is a recovered heroin addict (and rancher, rock star, and animal lover) that is struggling with the idea of being with someone that makes him want them too much.  He is worried that his feelings are too similar to his cravings for heroin.  Tuesday is a strong woman that is struggling to move on with her life after her former husband passed away from cancer.  There are numerous issues that happen to each character that makes it seem more realistic as if their “real” lives continue to persist while dating.

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Kylie Scott – Deep (Stage Dive #4)


Incredible book in an incredible series.  I’m not just saying that because the main character’s name is Liz.  She is perfectly imperfect.  Yes, she falls for the bad boy rock star, befriends him, beds him, but is strong enough to walk away when she’s tolerated enough.  Ben struggles with commitment.  He has many yo-yo moments of pulling Liz in close then pushing her away.  He can say the most perfect thing. “Sweetheart, you’ve been important since day one.  Only girl I kept coming back to.  Didn’t matter how far I ran, I couldn’t get you off my mind.  Never been this way about another woman.”  As beautiful are his words, it’s not enough.  Actions can outweigh words.

As an aside, in a female bonding circle, Liz brags to the other women about the erotic benefits of Ben’s beard.  To beard or not to beard?  I can’t really weigh in on this because of lack of experience.  I’ve never even kissed a man with a goatee or beard.  However, it does beg the question, what is the hottest amount of facial hair? None, 5 o’clock shadow, 1-2 day, Goatee, Full Beard.  Purely from a visually appealing opinion, I’ld have to pick a 1-2 day growth.  (just an opinion)

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