Penelope Ward – Roomhate


This book is so amazing it may have ruined all other books for me.  Okay, maybe not forever, but I really can’t image picking up another book today.  I want to sit and relish in this amazing bliss that the most perfect happily ever after has brought to me.

This book made me reconsider how I actually rate books.  I considered changing the scale based on how irritated I get when someone or something interrupts me reading.  If the scale was from 1-10 and a 10 indicated that I would be driven to yell at someone or physically slam a door in their face to keep them from interrupting me – ROOMHATE is a 10!

The tension between Justin and Amelia is perfect and makes you ache.  Justin is sexy, endearing, kind, hotly jealous, and all around amazing.  Amelia is strong and a wonderful combination of independent and insecure.  They make a great couple.

I don’t want to give too much away, because I plan on gifting this book to many of my friends.



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Dani René – Between Love and Fire


I give the steamy scenes in this book two thumbs up.  Actually, after reading this book I considered a more crude type of rating but I like to keep the blog more PG than R.

Callum Hayes is the epitome of the hot rock star, but after he falls for Tayla he shows an unbelievably sincere side.  His considerate side is even more sexy than his six pack abs.

Tayla is a cool character that is brave enough to reveal herself to Callum.

The romance that insures is a fun ride with an extremely romantic end.


Pre-Order at Amazon – Release Date – May 13, 2016

Beautiful set up for the next book in the series. Between Lust and Tears – Book Two (Release date late 2016)

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Dani René 


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Olivia Cunning – Insider (Exodus End World Tour #1)


Olivia Cunning produces another OUTSTANDING ROCK STAR BOOK!  Her books are so great that I think the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences needs to add a new category just for for her.  It could be The Best Ficticious Band or The Ficiticious Band Most Wished to be Real.  Hey, I wish all hot book boyfriends could come to life (to my life).


As much as I love, love, love her other series, I had my doubts about this book before I read this one.  Could she actually start another series about a new band that could compare to Sinners and Sole Regret?  Answer – YES!  I fell in love with these band members just as quickly.  Exodus End has the sexy as hell rock star qualities and the comradery as the other bands, but there is a strength in their connection based on getting through some internal strife.

Logan is more than just the player that he wants everyone to believe.  His jealousy is attractive in an ironic sort of way.  His patience for Tori’s inexperience is astonishing.  But most of all, his affection for Tori’s sister is incredibly endearing.

Tori’s recurrent reality checks with Logan makes her one the most likable rockstar girlfriend.

Once again, Olivia Cunning has a way of writing sex and humor in such a way that you can’t book the down.  One of my favorite lines is between Tori and her co-worker Julian:

Tori – “What else am I supposed to sleep in?”

Julian – “Nothing.  The wet spot.  A puddle of your own vomit.  Anything would be preferable to pajamas.”


I love that amidst this highly sex-charged environment that the power of a kiss isn’t lost.


I can’t wait to read the next in the series, coming in 2016.

BONUS: The reader gets a taste of Sinners and Sole Regret.  Since Reagan is in Exodus End, Trey makes an appearance. Shade weaves his way into the story line as well.

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Lauren Dane – Back To You (Hurley Boys #3)


I’m a huge fan of this spin-off series. It originally started with the Brown Family then transitioned to the Delicous Series and culminated in this Hurley Boys series.  I have read the other series numerous times and loved all of the books.  I admit that I’m one of those people that must finish a series and I’m happy that I read this book.  I needed to read Kelly’s and Vaughn’s happily ever after.  However, this one did not pack as powerful of a punch as her other books, which was a disappointing way to end the series.  The steamy scenes lacked heat (in comparison to her other books) and the conflicts weren’t as explosive as I would have expected.  One thing that I did like about the character Kelly was how she learned to own her anger.  If you’re like me and loved the rest of the series, then consider reading this one, too.

While there has been no mentioned of another book, I would love to read a story about Jeremy, the Hurleys and Adrien’s manager.  He deserves his HEA, too.

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Nalini Singh – Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss #1)


I love Molly!  She’s strong and independent.  She’s willing to go for what she wants.  Despite never have been with a man, she decides she wants a one night stand with the hot rock star and when given the opportunity she jumps at the chance.  Unbeknownst to her, Zachary Fox has no intention of letting her go.  I really liked when she decided to follow Fox to the states, she still worried about her career that she was giving up.  Further, to her credit, when she has to face some of her worst fears, she handles it with grace.  Shockingly, she doesn’t run from the situation.

The group of guys in the band make a great supporting cast.  It was heart warming how Molly was ingratiated into their friendships.  Thus, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series: Rock Courtship and Rock Hard.

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Olivia Cunning – Tease Me (One Night with Sole Regret #7)


What makes for great sex?  Is it the act itself or the emotional connection behind the act?  That’s the question in Adam and Madison’s ignitable relationship.  Adam is a recovering addict and Madison was his counselor, turned lover.  This is unethical for Madison and she ultimately gets fired for it, but it is indicative of the undeniable chemistry between Adam and she.  After being together for a year casually, Adam’s love turns more serious quickly.  Madison is reluctant to want more in their relationship.  Adams teases Madison relentlessly for 24 hours to prepare her for an escapade at a sex club in New Orleans.  I could feel Madison’s achiness as Adam splendidly tortured her.  After Madison behaves as he hoped at the club, he unexpectedly becomes possessive and angry.  Madison is sent into a tail spin trying to rectify Adam’s irritation at her behaving exactly as he wanted.  He further shocks her by proposing marriage.  Adam’s unpredictable reactions leave Madison completely unbalanced and stunned into silence.  This role reversal between Adam and Madison is amusing.

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Olivia Cunning – Tell Me (One Night With Sole Regret #6)


If you like romance books about rock stars, you must read this series.  Olivia Cunning is a goddess author of rock star romance!

Gabe is the epitome of the phrase ‘Don’t judge people by the cover.’  He is a mohawk, tattoo emblazoned metal rock band drummer with the mind of a physicist.  He puts his mind to good use by designing sex toys.  (I definitely majored in the wrong type of engineering in college).  His creativity in the toy realm is reason enough to read this book.  Beyond, the incredible bedroom scenes, the book delves into the concept of being accepted by one’s own family.  Sometimes how one believes that they are viewed is vastly different from how their family actually views them.   I love how Gabe’s mom knows immediately that Melanie is the right person for him.

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