Lauren Dane – The Best Kind of Trouble (Hurley Boys #1)


Wild rock-star heat with a real relationship to beat.  There’s no denying that Paddy is incredibly sexy and passionate.  He insists on perfection in the music that he creates. He takes charge in the studio to ensure it even it means occasionally brawling with his brothers.  He is also dominant when Natalie and he are going at it.  Natalie is a proper librarian and bit of a control freak by day but a dirty salacious girl in private.  This balance culminates in hot passion between the two.  But their strong personalities and stubbornness make it difficult to iron out real issues in their relationship.  Paddy feels an entitlement to Natalie’s trust because he worked hard to gain it.  Natalie struggles with a difficult past that makes her extra sensitive.  This results in a clash between the two.  Trust is truly the crux of all relationships and Natalie sums it up very poetically:

“if I can’t trust you, this isn’t worth the energy.”

“I can’t be honest if I can’t trust you not to be mad when I tell you how I’m feeling.”

This is a great start to a new Lauren Dane series.  The Hurley Boys follows after Lauren Dane’s Delicious Series, which followed after the Brown Family series.  FYI, you don’t have to start out with the Brown Family series and read in order, but the books are phenomenal and are a must read.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Lauren Dane!

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