Lauren Dane – “Laid Bare”


This is the 1st in the Brown Family series.  I rarely make time to re-read books, but this was either the second or third time I’ve read this book.  The series is phenomenal!  I want to be adopted into the Brown Family.  Each story is crazy exceptional.  There’s nothing that gets old about these stories.  These are a must purchase, but do not lend to a friend unless they sign a contract that they will return the book to you.

Laid Bare starts off the series with a bang, making you feel raw and exposed.

[Todd] “You’re bad for my self-control, Erin.  You make me want things I should’t want.”

[Erin] “Or maybe I make you want things you’ve always wanted and only now have a safe place to express them,” she challenged.  “Why shouldn’t you want them?  Why shouldn’t you get off on what gets you off?”

In addition, to some wild hot scenes, Lauren Dane draws out the reader’s appreciation for true love and acceptance.

Also, check out the spin-off series: Delicious (Sway, Tart, Lush)

Great name for the series because each story is sinfully delicious.  This is an awesome extension from the Brown family, but great as a stand alone series too.  The friendship between all the women in this series can seriously make a person jealous.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Lauren Dane!

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