Rebecca Moon – Stripped Raw (The Warnum-Bailiff Series #2)


Great story arc with fantastically intertwined characters!  Jason and Erin make a couple that you want to see good things happen for them.  The sacrifices that each make in the name of love make them incredibly likable.  Neither are without their faults but their hearts are in the right place.

The comparisons between the characters made the book very interesting.  I love the similarities between parent and child: Erin and her son Joey, and Jim and Jason.  The respect and concern between the generations was amazingly heart warming.  The differences between Erin and Jason were equally as compelling.

As a series, Stripped Raw nicely tied in to the previous novel, Stripped Bare.  If you disliked Jason’s actions in that first book, just remember every character deserves a second chance.  Jason truly turns his behavior around in Stripped Raw.

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Myla Jackson – Boots and Chaps


This is the 1st book in the Ugly Stick Saloon Series.

Who says it is only a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?  Men should be able to change theirs as well.  Let’s hear it for a little equality in life.  Jackson may have originally claimed not to be into foursomes, but enticing circumstances brought him into the game.  His change of heart leads to some wicked fun reading.  The mischief scenes are hot and engaging with a realness that welcomely makes it a far cry from unbelievable fantasy erotica.

The women in this book are strong, independent, and aggressive.  Jackson may claim to be the master, but Audrey does a lot of topping from the bottom.  In addition, the women at the Ugly Stick Saloon on Ladies’ Night are fantastically unruly.

I plan to read more in the series.

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Lorelei James – “Raising Kane”


This is the Rough Riders book 9, but it takes place between book 7 (Shoulda Been a Cowboy) and book 8 (All Jacked Up).

Is the fact that Kane was a complete man-slut in his past a bad thing?  Not for the lucky recipient of all of his experience.  Ginger is the fortunate winner of Kane’s affection.  Damn lucky!

In Raising Kane, Kane has reformed his wild ways.  He’s a responsible contributor to the family farm, caring uncle, and great mentor in the Little Buddies community program.

He might have refined his behaviors, but don’t get me wrong – he’s all dominant hot cowboy!  Much of the story takes place during the winter blizzard months, but this book sizzles!  Ginger and Kane’s lunch date nooners, make me think I definitely need to change my diet.

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Lorelei James – “Tied Up, Tied Down”


This is Book 4 in the Rough Riders Series.

Kade may be the closest thing to perfection: sexy, strong, helpful, thoughtful, good father, and has strong libido.  Let’s not forget – he’s also exceptional with rope.  He’s certainly perfect for Skylar whose mind is filled with “kinky bondage fantasies.”

Not to worry, Kade and Skylar make enough blunders to make for an interesting plot line.

In addition, the huge McKay clan adds humor and warmth, which make the Rough Riders a must-read series.

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Lorelei James – “Branded as Trouble”


This is Book 6 in the Rough Riders Series.  While some series may get old after the first few books, this should be called the Series’ Sexy Sixth.  This is just as great as the earlier books in the series, which were all phenomenal and gave the reader a sneak peek at Colt and India.  Finally, it is Colt and India’s story in “Branded as Trouble.”  They both have a dark past involving an addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Their common character strength in overcoming their addiction as well as their tastes in the bedroom make them a perfect couple for each other.  I loved the scene with the caramel rolls – great combination of my two favorite guilty pleasures.

What stood out most to me in the book was the deep family bonds in the McKay family.  This is one of the perks of reading a long well-developed series.  I was very moved when Cam came to Colt’s defense.  You can check out the the whole McKay/West Family Tree at

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