Chocolate Ombre Cake

Chocolate Ombre Cake

Ombre cake for a chocolate lover.

For this style cake, I coated the entire cake with a regular chocolate frosting (as seen on the top of the cake).  I made three other chocolate frostings: one with hardly any chocolate, one with some dark chocolate cocoa powder, and one deep rich dark chocolate.  I place numerous dots of the lightest chocolate frosting at the top third of the cake.  Placed an equal amount of dots of frosting of the 2nd kind of chocolate frosting in the middle third.  Then, I placed dots of the dark chocolate at the bottom.  Before the dots had time to dry, I took a spatula and lightly spread the dotted frosting around the cake.  The love how the texture of the underneath chocolate bled through the top dotted frosting.

I used a simple tie-dye technique for the top decoration, using same three levels of chocolate frosting that I used for the side of the cake.  I placed all three frostings into one piping bag and went to town on the top of the cake.

Inside Chocolate Ombre

The inside of this cake is a layer of whipped chocolate ganache.  It has the intense chocolate flavor of ganache with the lovely texture of frosting.

With multiple kinds of chocolate, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream cake.

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