RELEASE DAY: Samantha A. Cole – Watching from the Shadows


The Sexy Six Pack is back and just as hot as ever.

Marco ‘Polo’ DeAngelis makes for a sexy Dom.  He steps up in numerous ways when challenges are presented to him.  He’s got his priorities in order.  And, he’s very creative in a playroom.  😉

Harper is an attorney.  It’s great to see a sub that can be intelligent and in a powerful career position.

Portrait of young romantic heterosexual couple

Awesome gratuitous threesome scene.  Sure, it wasn’t exactly critical to the story.  It does show a bit of willingness on the part of the Dom.  I love that it is the first time that a certain obvious stumbling block was addressed in the middle of this scene.  So, in response to such an added bonus – thank you.

Watching From the Shadows

The author does a great job of layering the elements of suspense in the story.  I also liked how the Trident security team worked with local law enforcement as opposed acting completely above the law without consequences.

As per usual in the awesome series, the entire cast makes a significant presence in the story.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.18.58 AM to Samantha A. Cole!


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