To Audiobook or Not

I couldn’t image listening to an audiobook.  I didn’t want someone else’s voice in my head.  When I read, I like to imagine how the characters’ voices sound and I didn’t want someone else altering that experience.  I figured that hearing someone else read would completely ruin the fantasy of the book.  I love to get lost in the author’s words.  I didn’t want any distractions.

But then I found myself entrenched in those pesky times of the day when I had to tear myself away from a good book and actually clean the house, do laundry, make dinner, etc.

A few days ago, I finally decided that I would try an audio book.  I chose a book by a well known author that I adore.  I downloaded the book and put in my ear buds.  I set very low expectations and pressed play.  Surprisingly, I didn’t feel the urge to cut-off the voice.

It didn’t take long until I was hooked.  Even when I had time to return to my traditional book, I wanted to finish the audiobook.  Yes, I found a new love for audiobooks.

After I finished my first audiobook, I quickly downloaded another.  Eager to start another book, I began it immediately.  Whoa!  There it was.  An annoying voice that grated on my nerves.  The inflections and accent were all wrong.  After five minutes, I couldn’t bare another minute.  There was no way that I could endure listening to that voice for an entire novel.  I’m not usually one to abandon a book but this was dreadful.

I considered whether or not I should give up on audiobooks completely.  I decided I would give it another shot.  The quality of the audio of the third book was not as good as the first but still very enjoying.

What do I think of audiobooks?  Well, just like all books, some are good and some are not.  They definitely fill a gap in my day when I have to do mundane chores.  Even sorting laundry doesn’t seem so terrible when I’m listening to a book.  Also, after spending an entire day working at the computer, my eyes are sometimes too tired to focus on a traditional book.  An audiobook is a nice substitute.  Of course, there are limitations.  I read much more quickly than an audiobook.  So when I’m listening to an audiobook and I’m desperate for the happily-ever-after, I have to dig deep for a little extra patience.

I guess I’m a traditional girl at heart and prefer a book that I can hold in my hands and turn the pages, be it a paperback or an ebook.

In the end, the format of the book doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is the quality and enjoyment of the story.


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2 thoughts on “To Audiobook or Not

  1. Nice post!

    Like I said, I think audiobooks are a great thing but some are really annoying. I have to admit tho, that I love British accent. So listening to an audiobook that features a British accent is pure joy to my ears.

    Wherever you are located, you might want to check Spotify for audiobooks. 🙂

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