Lauren Dane – Broken Open (Hurley Boys #2)


Love this series!  Why?

(1) The characters from the first book are very much intwined in the second and their story continues but don’t detract from the main story

Natalie is Tuesday’s best friend and confidant, she is important to Tuesday.  Paddy is Ezra’s brother and important, too.  Getting a peak into the progression of their friendship is a bonus to this story.

(2) The theme of trust continues from book one into this book

Ezra says to Tuesday, “I want to be sure everything is all right with you.  If I can’t be bothered to take care of the trust you give me, I don’t deserve it.”

(3) the bedroom scenes are hot (really, it is the main reason to read romance)

I love the humor in the scenes as well.  Ezra refers to his amazing ability to maintain a hard-on under any circumstances.  Then there are a few instances where Ezra’s pets try to intrude.  “I warned them [the pets] not to cockblock me again.”

Even as a stand alone, this is pleasurable romance.  Ezra is a recovered heroin addict (and rancher, rock star, and animal lover) that is struggling with the idea of being with someone that makes him want them too much.  He is worried that his feelings are too similar to his cravings for heroin.  Tuesday is a strong woman that is struggling to move on with her life after her former husband passed away from cancer.  There are numerous issues that happen to each character that makes it seem more realistic as if their “real” lives continue to persist while dating.

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