Jello Eggs for Easter


Happy Easter to all that celebrate.  And, to those that don’t but like jello, here’s a fun dessert idea.

This is my daughter’s absolute favorite dessert.  I only make it on Easter; not only because of the shape but because it takes 6 hours to make.  It’s easy, but timely.  Setting aside 6 consecutive hours at home isn’t easy.

Besides finding the time, you need to have the appropriate molds.  I bought mine years ago.   Here’s what one looks like (I have 4):


If you can’t find a place to purchase these molds, you can make your own.  All you need is an a left over egg carton and basic plastic egg containers.  The full directions for making the molds can be found at this website

When I make these I like to go for the full rainbow effect.  I start buy purchasing small boxes of instant jello: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  Depending on store availability, I vary the actual flavors.

Step 1 – prepare molds by coating with cooking spray or vegetable oil

Step 2 – close molds completely

Step 3 – Prepare Jello Flavor: boil 2/3 cup of water and mix with one flavor of jello, whisk for 2 full minutes.  Carefully pour liquid jello into the molds.  One small box is sufficient for 24 egg molds.  (If doing the full rainbow)

Step 4 – Chill for exactly 1 hour

Step 5 – Remove molds from fridge and repeat Step 3 and Step 4 again for each flavor of jello

Step 6 – Chill the full molds for 3 hours.  Remove from refrigerator, and carefully separate the mold halves.  ENJOY

*Keep any leftovers in the refrigerator

It’s just about time to add my next layer of jello.  Gotta Run.