BEST EPILOGUE in the final book of a series

BEST EPILOGUE in a series.  I don’t offer up the title of being best lightly.  I have a lot of series that I love and I could never choose one series as my one and only favorite.  But as far as Epilogues go, Jay Crownover wrote the most perfect Epilogue in the final book of the series, Asa.

Here’s why:

  1. All the characters are mentioned.  I love that I get to remember all the characters.
  2. Every character reaches a happily ever after.  I’m very picky about this part.  This is key to a good Epilogue.  While I love my HEAs, I don’t want something that is over done.  Not every couple has to get married and have a baby to make it an HEA.  HEA doesn’t mean the characters need to win the lottery, per se.  Not everything needs to be perfect.
  3. The time span of an epilogue shouldn’t go too far into the future.  I can’t specify the exact amount of time that should go between the final page and the epilogue.  Each series is different.  Often times when the time span is too long the author falls into the trap of making everything work out.
  4. Jay Crownover offered a fantastic recap of how the characters related and why the series was entitled Marked Men.

I loved the Marked Men series and I highly recommend reading it.  

Marked Men Series.png

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