How to end a book series?

The one bad thing about a great book series – all good things come to an end.  Some authors do this better than others.

A few of my favorite book series came to end recently.  It was very sad, but the authors did a fantastic job in distinctly different ways.

First, Epilogue for all the characters

Abbi Glines – Sea Breeze Series


The final book, Until the End, included an epilogue for each of the characters.  Each book in the series essentially was a romance that centered around one couple.  All the characters were connected throughout the series.  Admittedly, it’s been a while since I read the first few books.  As I read the final book, the epilogue brought back found memories of each individual book.  I felt like it was a final goodbye to each character.  And, the teasing last line was PERFECT!

Samantha Young – On Dublin Street Series 


This series didn’t actually end.  Samantha Young surprised fans of her series, like myself, and published an additional novella this past November, On King’s Way (on my TBR list).  I included this series because in Echoes of Scotland Street the author also included an extended epilogue touching on all the characters.

Additionally, Samantha Young has published a single novella to include all the characters centering around a holiday.


Second, tying up all the loose ends

Tiffany Reisz – Original Sinners Seriesabf601b9fb8115c03469a4643da5268f.jpg

This series was told in an unique way.  The story was about few characters whose relationships were complexly intertwined.  The series doesn’t follow a typical chronological order of story telling.  While I was terribly disappointed to know that the series was ending, the author did a brilliant job of clearing up all the gaps in the plot in the last novel.  I can’t wait to read the entire series again from start to finish, knowing what to expect.

Third, the spin-off (excellent for continued book sales)

In the past, I blogged about some of my favorite spin off series, check out the post at:

Favorite Spin-off Book Series

Lorraine Loveit – Playing the Game Series


This series ended very well.  This series must be read in its entirety and in order to truly understand the ending.  The author is planning a spin-off (date unknown).

Not all authors end a book series well.  I won’t mention names, because I don’t believe in book bashing.  This particular 13 book series involved a triangular relationship and I absolutely hated the way it ended.  I realize that it is simply my opinion, but the main character should have ended up with the other guy.  I found it so upsetting that I refuse to read another book by that author – EVER.

Another note on ending a book series.  Once it’s over, let it be over.  Trying to squeak out an extra book that is tangential to the series is annoying.  A few of my favorite authors have done this, but I always find the books disappointing.

As always, thank you to all the authors that fill my head with amazing characters.

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5 thoughts on “How to end a book series?

  1. Thank you so much – glad you enjoyed the series.
    I am working on a prelude at the moment involving one of the minor characters (JB the bodyguard).
    It’s going to be released as part of an anthology on Valentine’s Day.

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