The book that got me hooked on reading (again)

I remember being a pre-teen and loved reading.  John Irving was one of my favorite writers at the time.  Then, life got in the way and I couldn’t find the time to read things of my own choosing – you know the things that you want to read as opposed those that you are forced to read.  I absolutely loathed every book that I read for school during high school.  Then during undergrad and law school, my academic schedule precluded any time for enjoyable reading.  As soon as I had kids, my time was filled with lots of reading with them.  Of course the books progressed from baby books to things that interested them (not necessarily my tastes).

About 8 years ago, I finally picked up a book of my own choosing.  Everyone was talking about this Twilight movie.  So, I picked up a copy and read it.  I liked it and choose to read New Moon.  As soon as I got through that one, I literally raced to the book store to get Eclipse.  I was suddenly hooked.  Reading was a new found source of pleasure, release, and relaxation.

Perhaps, it is a bit embarrassing to admit that a young adult book and teen sensation was what got me hooked on reading.  But since, I’ve read over 600 books.  Most I’ve liked, some I’ve loved, and a few I really disliked.  I also, decided to start this blog to share my enthusiasm for books.

So, thank you to Stephenie Meyer for helping me find my new passion.

It doesn’t matter what type of books you like – JUST READ.

Book Genres

Do you have a book or author that got you hooked on reading?

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