RELEASE DAY: Rebecca Moon – Stripped and Bound



This is a great story with a remarkable blend of romance, heat, regret, jealousy, inner turmoil, and a touch of love of animals.

There are plenty of overlapping story lines to keep the pace moving.  The unexpected twists kept it interesting, too.

The steamy scenes were hot enough to ignite a barn fire.

If you like spicy romance, this is a must read book.


Nick Escrow is the most eligible bachelor in the Warnum-Bailiff district. The handsome vet is suave, sexy and intelligent, and considered the ultimate gentleman. But Nick has a dark, sexual side to him that he discovers after his brother is incarcerated for supposed sex crimes. In an attempt to understand his brother and the girls Jamie had been found with, Nick discovers a depravity of his own.
Guilt over Jamie’s conviction and subsequent jail term plagues Nick and creates an inner beast that demands attention. The type that can be found at the hands of a dominatrix. Very aware that his two worlds need to be kept separate, Nick plays the role of the complete gentleman in public, maintaining a flawless persona, whilst his activity behind closed doors gives him the outlet he requires to hold all the pieces together.
Creating and ideal that he tries to live by, Nick starts dating Kiera, a quiet admin assistant, who’s breeding and upbringing make her the perfect partner to raise him higher in aristocratic circles. Kiera is sweet and pretty but when Nick meets Sue, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Nick is driven to distraction with his own feelings for Sue and finds that he needs to rethink his whole life plan. Does he want the “perfect” life, or does he want to be truly happy?

Warning: Adults Only (18+) This book contains descriptive sex scenes and may offend some readers.


“Her mind still in its post climatic fog, Sue was unable to control her responses. She screamed a primal shout as Nick thrust his tongue and fingers into her. Nick grinned. This was exactly where he’d wanted her, with primal need and desire. Standing up, Nick’s eyes glittered as he looked over her body. Sue sighed. She needed to feel his cock inside her and finally he looked like he was going to oblige. But he looked down at her as he continued to stroke his length, running his finger over the bead at the head of his penis, all the while still maintaining the contact of his fingertips to her folds.

“You want this?” he asked, emphasising “this” by pushing his hips forward and holding his erection out towards her.

Sue nodded, biting her lip in anticipation.

“I want you to beg me for it,” he told her as he pulled his cock back closer to himself.

“Please Nick,” Sue asked, but even she could hear that there wasn’t enough plea in her voice.

Shaking his head, Nick sank to his knees again and devoured her sex. This time there was no licking and flicking. When Nick went down on her again there was nothing delicate about it. Shoving his face into her mound, he thrust his tongue in and out as he nuzzled her, his nose rubbing against her clit as he mercilessly drove her to the point of climax again, pulling away before she came again.”

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