A Slice of Sin


This book contains a very eclectic group of short erotic tales.  I enjoyed many of the stories, but found that the diversity of stories made it difficult to read the book in one sitting.  A few of the stories were particularly entertaining.

The Stand In by Chase Morgan

I absolutely loved this short.  It’s gripping and intoxicates the mind.  The short proves that the power of words can be as equally sensually as the most perfect animalistic joining.  It’s great for those find the thought of a threesome alluring but don’t have the courage to seek one out.

Tonight is for You by Autmn Tooley

This is a great reminder that romance shouldn’t be forgotten, even in an erotic tale.  And, great writing can be found in erotica.  “It was like he saw into the very seat of my soul, finding my secrets and plucking them like juicy pieces of fruit from the tree of my darkest desires.”

The Great Canadian Beaver-Eating Contest by Leah Mueller

The title alone deserves recognition – every time I read it I can’t help but laugh.  And yes, the story is exactly about what you think – it’s all about women’s oral pleasure.  “All you had to do was show up and spread your legs.”

Intro to Religion at the Genial Work by Paul Henry

A brilliant mind can be both cruel and seductive.  When encased within a sexy dressed woman it can be a powerful turn on.

The Bakery Boy by Alegra Verde

Nothing like a hot delectable treat in a bakery, particularly one without the calorie guilt.  Also, I learned a ton of Spanish slang.

Etchings by Cherry Wild

Pace is a critical element of a story.  The author delivers it perfect art form.  It’s important not to rush things, even in a short erotic tale.  “The mix of slowness and anticipation and not-touching is heady and seductive.”

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