Kelly Elliott – Wanted Series

Wanted Series.jpg

Fun, young, southern soap opera.  

Watching soap operas used to be most guilty pleasure until I started reading obsessively.  This book series reads just like a daytime soap.  The couples get together and then they break up and then they’re back together.  Then repeat.

I just finished Faithful, the third book in this series.  I love that there are multiple story lines that carry on at the same time.  Each relationship continues into the next book, which I adore because I have trouble letting go of characters.  There are plenty of side characters to make the book even more interesting.

Like all good soaps – the author leaves you suspended in nerve-racking cliffhangers.  The endings/epilogues make me think the author is either a sadist or a marketing guru.

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Kelly Elliot – Wanted

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Kelly Elliott!

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