Ana Mederios – The Raven Room – Cover Reveal


This book is intensely sexual and substantially intriguing.  There’s no denying that the book is delightfully erotic, but the fact that it engages the reader on an intellectual level as well makes it truly special.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the book after I finished it.

Julian is a character with a lot of layers and the authors peels them away in such a manner that it makes it very difficult to put the book down.  Julian is a child psychologist and his insight into sex from such a background is enlightening.

“If I showed you a video of a lion and a lioness mating, the chances of you getting wet are much higher than me getting a hard on.   Alas, one the many beautiful things about female sexuality.  I’m deeply envious.”

“You’re the one changing your own existence, Meredith.  I’m just the man who’ll make sure you get home safely.”

“We all fuck people for the strangest reason.  At least you’re aware of yours.”

Meredith starts out as the perfect lover – fun, passionate, and carefree.  Contrary to her selfish nature, later she proves to also be caring  and considerate without jealousy.  She’s also equally as perceptive as Julian.

“You’re ashamed of who you are.  The day you embrace yourself, you’ll be strong.  Until then you’re weak.”

The other characters lead to the mystery involved in the story.  I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series to see how it continues to play out.

As an added bonus, the story takes place in Chicago.  The author included a few notable landmarks but more importantly captured the essence of a Chicago winter.

This book will be published on November 3, 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.55.28 AM to Ana Mederios!

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