Buttercream Truffles

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What do you do with your extra buttercream after decorating a cake?  Eat it with a spoon?  Lick the bowl?  Those are always worthy options.  If you want to turn that extra buttercream into a new dessert then try whipping up some buttercream truffles.  It’s easy, tasty, and makes for a presentable new dessert.

Directions:  Take the extra buttercream and place it in a sealed container.  Store in the refrigerator overnight.  Spoon out about a tablespoon of frosting and roll it into balls.  Place the balls of frosting in the freezer for about 30 minutes.  Melt enough decorating chocolate for whatever amount of buttercream that you have.  Remove the frosting from freezer and dip and cover with melted chocolate.  Allow to cool and dry on wax paper.  Keep at room temperature so that when you bite into these truffles it has a soft gooey inside.

Other ideas:  If you are starting with vanilla buttercream, try adding other flavors to the frosting before placing it in the refrigerator overnight.  The ideas are limitless: coffee, mint, Bailey’s, Rum, chocolate, lemon, or almond extract (just to name a few).  Also, altering the color of chocolate used for dipping can help make these truffles appropriate for any holiday or festive occasion.


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