Blueberry Cake

blueberry cake Blueberry cake eaten

Blueberry Cake and Blueberry Cake 10 minutes later.  My teenage son doesn’t even like blueberries and he ate three pieces of cake.

Here’s the back story on tonight’s cake.  It was snowing, I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store to get anything for dinner.  After looking in my refrigerator, I decided that I would make a breakfast dinner.  If you’re not familiar, that’s when you eat breakfast foods for dinner.  My kids are convinced that breakfast foods taste better at dinnertime.  I decided to make scrambled eggs and sausage.  I considered starch options: toast, bagels, or biscuits.  Then I thought to myself, if I make muffins or a coffee cake it’s like a combination of a breakfast starch and a dinner dessert.  Hence, I chose blueberry cake – it was like killing two birds with one stone.  Looking at the empty plate above, it’s more like my family killed-off the cake.

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