Kelsey Jordan – The First of Spring (The Guardian World #3)


I absolutely loved the first half of the book.  Aryana’s brother, Camden, sets the tone for Aryana’s mind set.  He says quite casually, “Nobody wants to marry her, they just want the experience of bedding the hybrid.”  Trent’s attraction towards Aryana is left to be mysteriously vague but it is clear that it isn’t malicious as the others.  The pull between them is palpable and I couldn’t put down the book.  The devastating event that separates Trent and Aryana happened at about the half-way point in the story.  I’m a very greedy and impatient reader.  I want my HEA.  The diversion from this main romance was heavily ensconced in the mythical world that has many relations to Greek mythology.  During this time, Trent focuses on the war between the lycans and the hunters.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into details about what I liked in the second half of the book without spoiling the story.  All in all, the story is a bit of everything: paranormal romance, greek mythology, and a dose of a 6-month long punishment that hints at BDSM and the concept of ownership.

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J.R. Ward – The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood #13)


BDB at its best! It’s time to broaden your horizons in this book – vampires are not the only sexy as sin paranormal characters.  Hello shadows! Trez and iAm have their day and they are just as uber masculine as their pale brothers.  The dark duo show how far they will go to show their love and devotion.  Even though Trez is terrified of heights, he takes his queen to the highest restaurant so she can enjoy the view and to an amusement park to ride a roller coaster over and over again.  Equally as powerful, is the love between the two brothers and the extent that they will go to ensure the other’s happiness.  Do not fret, the muscle-bound fighting giants all make their appearances, too.  Once again, the BDB shows their strength not just with their fists but with their support for those within their family.  J.R. Ward is certainly well known for her creative names.  In The Shadows, I love her complimentary use of the terms queen and wife.  It was very fitting for the balance between Trez and iAm.  Finally, the female characters claim more power for themselves.  Not that the females were weak in earlier novels (certainly not Xhex) but there is a distinguishable shift.

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Laurell K. Hamilton – Jason


This is the #23 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

While the Anita Blake series is usually very high on the paranormal side, this particular book is not.  It’s more like an insight into the polyamorous lifestyle.  Or as Jason said in the book, “It’s like a lesbian tutorial.”

For those of you who have not read the series, Anita Blake is an incredibly strong female character and I don’t mean her paranormal or metaphysical strength.  She is incredibly brave.  She sees no other options than facing her fears.  In Jason, it is surprising to learn that some things can still make her blush.  Read Jason, and find out what could possibly make Anita be unsure of herself in a bedroom setting.  In the book, Anita says, “I was so far outside my comfort zone I couldn’t see it from the shore anymore.  I felt lost at sea, but determined to weather the storm, even if it was a storm formed of soft flesh and silk.”

While Jason is usually a jokester, he pushes Anita to answer difficult questions.  “Are you really willing to spend the rest of your life trying to date someone you not only don’t love, but that you actually don’t enjoy having sex with?”

This is an awesome series!  Even if paranormal romance is not your thing, READ this book.

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Shelly Laurenston – “The Beast in Him”


Tussling and cherry pie – Oh My!  This was a great humorous paranormal romance!  The interplay between Jess and Smitty is consistently witty and entertaining.  It is filled with fantastic running dialog between the characters throughout the entire book.  My favorite is when Jess questions Smitty about teaching the pups the term, “Tussling.”   Smitty responds, “Oh, you want me to be more specific?”  My other favorite quote is, “He didn’t know what got to him more; the suction with which she sucked his fingers, the little sounds she made while she did it, or the way her eyes closed and her entire body rocked against him.”

There are many more books in the series.  Next time I have PMS, I’m definitely reading the next in the series to help cheer me up.

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