Perfectly imperfect characters in Overruling Judgment

First review is in and it is a FIVE STAR REVIEW

As a debut author, getting five stars for my first review of my book baby is the greatest Mother’s Day gift I could ask for this year.

Let’s Talk About Sex…Ratings

The rating of quantity and specificity of sex in books is sometimes referred to as spice, heat, steam, sensuality, or smut level. There are all different levels for all different tastes.

But, what do the terms really mean? What words are actually used in a book?

I decided to take a scientific approach to look at how different words are used at various sex levels. I used chapGPT to write 50 words about a first kiss at different intensities of heat. Note, the program refuses to write erotica.

Here’s what I found for all the different steps involved in a simple first kiss.

It starts with a look, then light touching, bodies touching, grabbing, and then hands roaming.

Read the situation…does the heart flutter to flames of desire, to full-blown body shivers.

The kiss can go from a peck to dueling tongues.

A description of the kiss pretty much matches the heat level, from a sweet kiss to a spicy kiss.

The reaction to a kiss ranges from a shy smile to gasping for air.

Does a kiss lead to something else? The promise of a lasting relationship or a long night of sex?