Shear Pastel

No, that is not a misspelling in the title. I purposefully used the term “shear” as an adjective even though the word is typically a verb to mean removing fleece or hair by clipping. In this case, the word shear refers to the type of digital art manipulation I applied to the image of the John Hancock building below. This type of effect is often referred to as a glitch effect. Rather than use the typical red/turquoise glitch colors, I chose pastes based on the spring season.

To be clear, “Shear is a verb meaning to remove fleece or hair by clipping or cutting, and it has numerous related definitions. Sheer is (1) an adjective meaning fine or transparent or (2) almost perpendicular, and (3) a verb meaning to swerve or cause to swerve. It also has several other definitions relating to these main ones.”

See more setting-inspired images at lizellyn

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