Time for a little update

Liz Writer


I recently chucked my snow shovel and moved to the west coast, where I walk miles each day with my dogs. Now, I listen to more audiobooks than bake and spend numerous hours writing.

I continue to believe in the concept that the richer the dessert or the more sinful the book, the better the experience. These are two of my favorite guilty pleasures in life. Scratch that, I will feel no guilt!

With degrees in both engineering and law, I assert that the positive energy gained by indulging in one’s guilty pleasure appropriately counterbalances the serious forces of daily life.

In the past, my writing has run the gamut, including: simple poetry, legal briefs, impassioned pleas to congress, Greek mythology, non-fiction, and erotic romance. Most recently, I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for my book, Overruling Judgment. It is expected to be published in the second half of 2023. The book is a provocative romance novel. Blurb …

Ian refuses to allow an explosive night of passion to derail his desire to make partner at the law firm. But, her tempting presence in the office, along with her alluring scent, mocks his resolve. 

JD’s the hot art teacher with the body and stamina of a former professional hockey player. He’s a creative master, in and out of the bedroom, who captures the affection of the brilliant young attorney, but he second guesses if he’s enough for her. 

Sasha won’t settle for less in her career or love life. It’s all or nothing. After a twist of fate and a proclamation of love, Sasha escapes choosing between Ian and JD. The alternative is far more arousing.

With careers in flux and hearts on the line, how will they all find the fortitude to come out on top?

So I say, why not indulge in a morsel of a sugary treat or a hot read?

Bon Appetite and Happy Reading!

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