RELEASE DAY: MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron – Jagger


Just like a boxer needs to stay on their toes during fight, this book keeps the reader on his/her toes.  I like all the twists to the story.  This is one of those books that gets better page by page.  One of the best Epilogues that I have read.

The theme that you need to focus on the good things in life resonates throughout the book.  It’s presented in meaningful and very alluring ways.  It never comes across as an annoying cliche, where the author seems to be preaching to the readers.

The main characters are compelling and well suited for one another.  They both come from abusive pasts, but neither wants to be defined by their history, but rather their triumph in spite of it.

Jagger makes for a a great bad-boy romantic hero.  He is hot but flawed.  He is a champion in the underground fighting arena, but there is a darkness in his need to fight.  On the other hand, he is fully committed to fostering a relationship with Tatiana and has a plan in place to ensure her happiness.  At the forefront he wants to comfort her in her time of need and protect her from further abuse.  Not until then, does he intend to claim her.


Despite being abused by her father, Tatiana isn’t just a damsel in distress.  She is intelligent, resilient, and strong.  She is also able to stand up to Jagger when necessary.

My favorite scene (not going to give away too much) was absolutely hysterically funny.  You would expect that the scene would be sappy and romantic.  Instead, it was like sitting through a roast for the characters where you can feel the surrounding characters’ love and respect.

Just as Tatiana fell in love with the Caldwell family, so did I.  While this is a stand alone book, I think I would have preferred to have read this series from the beginning.

Jagger: A Caldwell Brothers Novel

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.18.58 AM to MJ Fields and Cheslsea Camaron!


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