Oreo Lover’s Care Package

Oreo tray

Image above: Oreo brownies, Oreo chunk cookies, and Oreo bars

It’s that time of year when the college kids go back to school.  They get to meet new people and start new classes.  It’s a lot of change and it can be stressful.  I find that baked goods are excellent for stress.  This care package was inspired by my nephew who likes Oreos.  I have done other cupcake recipes with Oreos hidden inside, but I didn’t think the buttercream was a good idea for shipping.  Hopefully, I packed the container well enough that he won’t be receiving a box of crumbs.

Oreo Brownies:  This recipe is pretty straight forward.  Double-up any brownie mix.  Place half of batter in a pan, place a layer of Oreos, and then pour the rest of the batter on top of the Oreos.  Found recipe at  iheartnaptime.net

Oreo Brownies

Oreo Chunk Cookies: This is a very simple recipe.  The base of this recipe is similar to most whoopee pie recipes that I’ve seen: cake mix, one stick of melted butter, one egg, and vanilla.  See the exact recipe for full details.  I deviated from the recipe in that I only choose to use only Oreos as my add-ins.  I didn’t want to use chocolate chips.  I used a combination of Oreo chunks and ground Oreos.  Found recipe at http://insidebrucrewlife.com/2014/02/chocolate-chip-cookies-cream-cookies/

Oreo Cookies

Oreo Bars: These bars are similar to rice krispie treats.  However, instead of using cereal there are chopped up Oreos.  Make sure you use a large enough bowl to melt the marshmallows and butter.  I had a bit of explosion in the microwave.  Found recipe at  picky-palate.com

Oreo Bars

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