Nut Crescent Cookies

Nut Crescents

If you aren’t allergic to nuts, this is a must eat cookie.  I have been making this cookie for 30 years.  I used to make it for holiday trays, but because of all the increased food allergies I switched it to a fall baking thing.  I don’t like to repeat recipes (something that sometimes annoys my family) but this recipe has made my short list of baked goods worthy of repeating.

The dough is cream cheese and butter based and is worth every single calorie.  I use Solo Nut filling for the inside, which pairs well with the dough.  I have also filled these with chocolate, blueberry, and apple filling.  Once I tried Solo Almond filling when I couldn’t find the Nut filling.  Perhaps it is a nostalgic thing, but I prefer the Solo Nut filling to all others.