Lorelei James – Cowgirls Don’t Cry


This is the 10th book in the Rough Riders Series.

This book grabs the reader’s attention from the get-go – an all call for a threesome on page 1.  But that’s par for the course with those wild McKay boys.

Don’t be fooled by the title, this isn’t a story about some tame dame cowgirl.  All her tears for her husband, Luke McKay, are in the past.  Jessie has a warm and giving heart but she isn’t afraid to make her own sexual demands.  Jessie confronts Brandt, “[I]f we’re gonna act like a married couple then I want you naked in my bed every night.”

How would a man react to a line like that from a women that he has wanted for years? Getting the answer to that question is just another reason to read this book.  Let’s just say, that the strong, toned, well-built, dominant Brandt lives up to the McKay name.   I’m surprised the heat inside the trailer didn’t melt all the snow on the Wyoming ranch.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeyes

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 3.15.28 PM

Chocolate and Peanut Butter is almost always a good thing.  These are definitely good-to-eat treats.  But what in the world is a buckeye?


Just what exactly is a buckeye and why is it Ohio State’s mascot?

“In preparation for Monday night’s national championship game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks(more on that in another story), it seems appropriate to clear the confusion up.

According to The Ohio State University’s athletics department website, a buckeye is “a small, shiny, dark brown nut with a light tan patch that comes from the official state tree of Ohio, the buckeye tree.”

According to folklore, the Buckeye resembles the eye of a deer and carrying one brings good luck. It has been the official Ohio State nickname since 1950, the website says, but it had been in common use for many years before that.”

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The Deep

Coolest photo I’ve seen in years. My novel, Twin Rapture, that I’m currently editing takes place in San Francisco. The photo shall help inspire me to continue editing today.

A Certain Slant of Light Photography

What looks like futuristic tunnels rising out from the deep is actually the facade of a skyscraper called One Front Street, located along Market Street in downtown San Francisco. The darkening evening sky and the reflective surface of the building gives it a somewhat ethereal look. As it was a late Friday evening, the area was pretty quiet, so it almost felt as if I had the whole city to myself.


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Lamington Cakes

Lamington Cakes

In honor of the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam, I decided to bake a traditional Australian dessert.  This is a layered sponge cake with jelly in between the layers.  The miniature cake is covered in a thin chocolate coating and coconut.  My kids will enjoy these while watching their favorite tennis players crush the ball on the court.  Maybe one day we’ll actually get to go to Australia and watch the event live.

Cheers to Baking and Tennis!