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If you would like to submit a book for possible review, email me at

Policy for reviewing books:

  1. If you are interested in obtaining a book review, feel free to email me.  Please include the title, genre, length, blurb, and date desired for the review.
  2. I mostly read romance novels of all types, but occasionally I’ll accept other types of books for review.
  3. I will only post about books that I would award three stars or higher.
  4. When I post reviews on my blog, I also post to and Goodreads.  I also promote the books on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. See Sample Book Tweets  If a book is sold elsewhere, I am willing to post a review if a link is provided.
  5. I only agree to review books that I have time to read and anticipate that I will enjoy.

Here’s my rating scale:

5  I loved the book, couldn’t put the book down, would like to read again, would gift it to a friend

4  I enjoyed the book a lot, but not shouting from the rooftops about it

3  I liked the story, but it had some issues or missing something

In depth interview about me as a book reviewer:

Liz Ellyn Interview


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi LizEllyn,
    Thank you again for reviewing my book, “I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed” and I’ve written another book, “Beware the Ides of March”
    Let me know if you are interested in reading it and I’ll send you a copy?

    Although I’m not offering to review your book in exchange for a review of my book, we do review books as a group of retired men in New Zealand and let me know if you would like a book reviewed? Here is our website which shows the other books we write.

    Anyway, best to you and hope you are well.

    Kind regards,
    Bruce Miller


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