Orpheus’ Fallen Angel – Jason Price


I’m not a huge action adventure fan. That being said, the author did a great job of describing scenes with a freshness that kept me engaged. That’s quite a feat as I can get bored rather easily.


In this dark erotic comic book crime adventure, Orpheus Jones searches the crime-ridden city of Plutopolis for his missing girlfriend Angel. In his quest, he encounters gangs, bikers, hookers, pimps, neo-nazis, crooked cops, strippers, evil doctors, duplicitous priests, dubious nuns and satanists.

One of the many adversities getting in his way is Moth, a lower-than-low level criminal with delusions of grandeur and Lady J, a high level shot caller who is second-in-command to Boss Creeg, the most powerful crime lord in Plutopolis.

Orpheus does however makes a few friends along the way, such as SpiderBat, a super-vigilante skilled in combat and stealth, the Huntrix, a leather-clad dominatrix-styled bounty hunter, and the Swan of Death, a sexy female ninja assassin.

During all this, Angel herself has been captured and suffers at the hands of the sexually sadistic Lady J. Can Orpheus rescue Angel before Lady J sends her to the waiting hands of Boss Creeg or will he have to deal with the crime lord as well?


 to Jason Price!


J.B. Havens & Samantha A. Cole – No Way In Hell (Part One & Two)



I’m a huge fan of the Trident Security novels by Samantha A. Cole. I’ve read and loved the entire series. I have never read J.B. Havens’ Steel Corps series. I make note of this because I think it is important to be upfront about how I go into reviewing a book.

First item you must know: these two books must be read together. It really is just one continuous story.

Second, these books are much more military based than romance (like the Trident Security). There is only a dab of romance.

Part I

This was a serious deviation from Samantha Cole’s Trident Security.  The story line was mostly military. The military scenes were full of intensity and graphic details. It was a little too gory for my taste. I missed the BDSM club from Trident. There are a few quick vanilla romps and a mere reference to Carter playing at BDSM club. I had a great appreciation for the heat in the Trident Series. I missed it in this book. This is also a multi-perspective book told in both first and third person. This combination is not typical, but I didn’t mind it. I’ve always been a fan of Carter. I liked getting to know Mic. She’s small but mighty.

Part II

This book was a bit more playful as Carter and Mic go undercover together. I prefer books that are fun and flirty. The military and suspense aspects were much more appealing in Part II. The scenes were extremely well thought out and had a lot of detail. The difference was the military parts were more intellectual than gruesome.



No Way in Hell is a novel separated into 2 novellas. Reading Book 1 is necessary for Book 2.

Steel Corps—an elite, covert U.S. military team led by Staff Sergeant Bea ‘Mic’ Michaels, based out of a secure location in Pennsylvania.

Trident Security—a private security agency located in Tampa, Florida, comprised of retired Navy SEALs.

T. Carter—U.S. spy and assassin.

What do they have in common? They all do Uncle Sam’s dirty work.

How did they get started and how did their paths cross? Find out as they prepare to join forces to take down a domestic terrorist organization with one goal in mind—to destroy what these men and one woman will fight to the death to protect—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

No Way in Hell is a two-part crossover novel uniting J.B. Haven’s Steel Corps Series and Samantha A. Cole’s Trident Security Series. While reading both series is not necessary prior to reading No Way in Hell, it is recommended for optimum enjoyment

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Jerry P. Gore, MD – Holistic Medicine



This book came to me as a welcome deviation from the books that I generally review.

Typically, when I review a book, it is one of my choosing that I have high expectations of enjoyment.  Almost all of the books that I read are fiction. My Review Policy

Because I believe that a book’s rating is directly reflective of the reader, I feel that I need qualify a few things about myself.  The author of this book is my neighbor, but I have never visited his Center for Holistic Medicine.  I do believe that wellness is directly related to living a healthy life and I am not one to eagerly seek out medical treatment.

As such, I opened the book with an open mind.

First off, I’ld like to make note of the fact that the author does have a M.D.  I believe that intrinsically it offers a lot more credibility to the topic than others.  This is a non-fiction book and therefore the background of the author is critical to the integrity of the material.

As a whole, I enjoyed learning more about the intricacies of holistic medicine.  The author made numerous case connections.  This offered a more practical understanding of the methods of holistic medicine.  Often times, I considered how the approach could benefit people close to me. This was something that surprised me, because I tend be skeptical.  I have degree in engineering and law and tend to need to have all things proven in order to believe.  However, the book doesn’t contain any formal scientific proof to back up the holistic theories.  The book is more of an introduction into the world of holistic medicine.  In the end, the author’s words moved me enough to suggest his services to a friend.

I found it particularly interesting that homeopathy in Great Britain is, “widely practiced, recognized, and paid for by health insurance plans[.]”  Whereas, in the United States, my home, homeopathy is not subsidized by health insurance (at least none that I am aware of).   The author notes that there are some cost savings by opting his services to those of “standard medicine.”  However, I would have preferred more discussion in this area.

Chapter 8 is entitled Food for Health and Wellness. This chapter read like a typical nutrition or diet book.  It is this chapter that made me reduce my star rating for this book.  There are certain aspects of all nutrition books that are consistent.  For example, you can’t live on baked goods (ah, to dream).  I have read many nutrition books and am in contact with a trainer and nutritionist on a weekly basis.  I felt this chapter contained an opinionated perspective.  This chapter lacked continuity with the rest of the book.

While I might not have agreed with all the methodologies in the book, they were discussed with clarity.  I am pleased to have gained a better understanding the practices of holistic medicine.  Overall, I found the book to be quite informative.


AMAZON https://www.amazon.com/Holistic-Medicine-Physical-Clarity-Consciousness-ebook/dp/B01HJ2IIUK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1476024274&sr=8-2&keywords=holistic+medicine


Have you ever had a body ailment that no physical treatment could cure? Has your state of mind ever affected your health—for better or worse?

These are the types of questions that only alternative medicine can address. Holistic medicine isn’t a passing fad; it’s a comprehensive approach to health that recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. Rather than writing off traditional medicine, however, author and holistic medical practitioner Jerry P. Gore, MD, acknowledges it as one approach within the bigger picture of health possibilities.

Introducing the basic concepts of holistic medicine, this easy-to-read guide highlights the range of methods you can practice in your everyday life, from nutrition and exercise to yoga chakras and meditation. Examples are accompanied by real-life case studies to better illustrate how these techniques work and what they can accomplish. There’s even a twenty-four-hour health plan included in the appendices so you can immediately put what you’ve learned into action.

Your health and well-being are essential if you want to fulfill your potential and enjoy your life. Discover how to build a partnership between your body, mind, and spirit through the art of holistic medicine and start reaping the benefits today.

Thank You Arc to Jerry P. Gore, MD

Doctor Jerry P. Gore M.D. Medical Director & Holistic Psychiatry in North Shore, IL

Dr. Jerry Gore practices holistics psychiatry in North Shore, IL

Doctor Gore is a holistic doctor and obtained his M.D. from the University of Illinois Medical School, and completed his post-graduate program at Northwestern University’s Institute of Psychiatry. He is a co-founder and Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Riverwoods/Deerfield IL where he practices both general medicine and psychiatry. He has over 35 years of experience specializing in integrating the body, mind and spirit of the person into an individualized medical treatment plan specific to that patients needs. His vision is to treat symptoms, educate the patient about his/her health and help people transform their lives using holistic medicine.

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Diane Thorne – A Gift to Remember & Another Gift to Remember



Why review two books in one post?  Easy – as soon as I finished the first book, I couldn’t stop reading and had to read the next.  I mean that literally.  As soon as I finished A Gift to Remember, I fumbled with my kindle app.  My finger shook with anticipation.  I cursed every millisecond that it took my app to load my library.  I frantically scanned my page searching for where previously downloaded Another Gift to Remember.  I eagerly touched on the image of the cover.  Ah … page 1.

The blurbs and the covers make the plot crystal clear.

The story is hot, considerate, and loving – A GUARANTEED PLEASURE TO READ.

Although the stories are on the short side, I still felt like I got to know the characters.  The characters themselves had history so the story revolves a change in dynamics rather than getting to know one another.  It was also great that this wasn’t just another insta-love story.  I loved how everyone’s needs were able to be satisfied.

The ratio of story to sex scenes was perfect.  The pace and lure of the story kept me turning the pages quickly.  The steamy scenes made my blood boil, heart race, and a few other bodily reactions that aren’t appropriate for discussion on a PG13 blog.

I will be gifting this book combo to all my closest friends for the holidays this year.


One man. Two women. A birthday surprise he will never forget…

Carol has spent the last five years working as an assistant for her boss, Thomas Barrett. She enjoys her job, and is a good friend to his wife, Lynn. Every year Lynn asks Carol for assistance in obtaining a gift for Thomas’s birthday. With his big fortieth arriving in a week, Carol expects she’ll need to snoop around the office for Lynn. To Carol’s surprise, Lynn already has an idea for Thomas’s present, and it’s one he will never forget.

Lynn invites Carol to join her and Thomas in a menage a trois. Although shocked, Carol considers such a rare opportunity to broaden her sexuality. But if she joins her boss and his wife in the bedroom, will Carol be able to continue a relationship with them? Moreover, can she keep her job working for Thomas?


Thomas Barrett has it all. He’s part owner of a marketing firm with his best friend of twenty years, Andy. In addition to having a successful career, Thomas enjoys the love of two beautiful women: his wife, Lynn, and his assistant, Carol. He couldn’t be happier with life.

Tasked with finding a gift idea for Andy’s fortieth birthday, Thomas comes up with a perfect one. Not only will it please Andy, but Thomas is certain his idea will provide great pleasure for Lynn and Carol. Thomas wants his favorite naughty women to bring Andy into their love nest. But will Lynn and Carol be willing to have sex with Thomas’s best friend? Better yet, can Andy maintain a working and sexual relationship with them?


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Giveaway runs the duration of the blog tour (September 26 – October 2). Good luck!

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About the Author:

Diane Thorne is an erotic romance writer living in Indiana. She writes in a variety of genres such as Contemporary, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Erotic Romance and Menage a Trois. When she’s not slaving away at her day job, she creates erotic adventures with hot and seductive men. Reader beware, she is not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, or hormonal stirrings. Blame her characters and read responsibly.

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Shakespeare vs Contemporary Romance


Like most kids in high school, I was never a fan of Shakespeare.  In fact all of the mandatory reading in high school made me dislike reading.  To make matters worse, after undergrad, I went to law school where I was inundated with so much reading that I had a fleeting thought about reading for enjoyment.

It wasn’t until many years later that I started reading for pleasure.  This quickly progressed into an obsession and my blog.  I’ve read around 650 books – about 99% are romance books.  I may not be “well-read” in the Shakespeare arena, but I have a considerable number of romance books deliciously tucked into my head.

My teenage daughter found it odd to find me reading Shakespeare.  She wouldn’t bat an eyelash if she saw me reading an erotic romance, but when she saw me reading Richard III she shouted, “Why?”  Her tone of voice was amusing as she seemed almost appalled.  My honest answer was two-fold.  First, I’m helping out a friend with a project.  Obviously it is a good friend, because why else would I subject myself to Shakespeare.  Second, one of my reading goals for the year was to read a few books outside the romance genre.

Now, with age, a lot more reading experience, and a new perspective I have to admit that I’m still not a fan of Shakespeare.  Sorry, if that offends every English major out there.

I’m not an English major.  I majored in civil engineering, went law school, and am well-read in the romance genre.

How does Shakespeare compare to contemporary romance?

  1.  If a romance author were to try and publish a book with as many characters as were included and alluded to in Richard III, a publisher wouldn’t even waste their time with a rejection letter.  Richard III would be sent straight to the circular file.
  2. Shakespeare not only uses the same name for different people, but often refers to the same person by different names without ANY clarification.  This is the crux of why I really disliked the play.
  3. Shakespeare requires a history background to actually understand the genealogy surrounding the characters.  I felt the play was like a long relationship problem on the LSAT exam (but not all the information was provided).  It wreaked of unfairness.
  4. The actual language in Shakespeare was challenging as I lacked a familiarity with old English.  However, by the end of the book I didn’t feel any need to read the translated easier version in the No Fear book.  I have come to love reading authors from other parts of the world where some of their phrasing or lingo is different from my U.S. background.  In fact I was completely amused by some of the odd phasing in Shakespeare that crept into modern language.  “No doubt.” was a particular favorite.
  5. It is unfair to plainly state that Shakespeare’s words are “superior” or contain more “depth” than current authors.  I have read some romance authors that are also linguistically beautiful.  In fact, their words come off the page like a song.
  6. Alternatively, I find that Shakespeare is similar to antiquated and wordy legalese.  Today’s law schools teach students to write with clarity and to write succinctly.  Old school ways should be left in the past.
  7. Great romance books have great characters.  The reader gets to know and understand the way the characters think.  Shakespeare lacked in this department as well.  While the reader does get to know Richard III, the other characters (all too many) were often wishy-washy and flat.
  8. Not truly knowing the characters made it unclear how to interpret their feelings through dialog alone.  It was like reading a text from someone and being uncertain if the sender was being sarcastic.
  9. There may be more use of thematic devices and other literary devices in Shakespeare.  I don’t mean to condemn Shakespeare as a barren book not worthy of any recognition.  However, I do take issue with the common misnomer that romance books lack in this arena.  Many authors use similar devices in their works.  Most reviews or book discussions focus on the entertainment value rather than a full blown deconstruction of romance books as considered as literary works.

I’m not suggesting that English teachers replace Shakespeare with romance books in their curriculums.  I believe that there is an educational value in learning HOW to read Shakespeare.

I take issue with people bashing those that prefer to read romance over traditional literary works.  It is very pretentious and egotistical to take such a position.



Tara Sue Me – The Claiming



Tara Sue Me continues to break the stereotypes of BDSM relationships without losing the kinky-thrill of the sexual connections.  The Claiming is a short novella and a fantastic treat for fans of The Submissive Series.  The book includes a bit of playful role play in an exotic castle.  But the best part, is the smart, quick-witted responses of three very strong and articulate submissives.  The author shatters the concept that submissives are weak.  As the play continues, the Dominants’ need for privacy is HOT. What happens under the table, stays under the table.  I figure it is the corollary to the Las Vegas principle.

If you haven’t read the rest of the series … 1. READ THE SERIES!!! 2.then read this book (you might not appreciate the characters as much without having read the rest of the series).


The New York Times bestselling author of the Submissive series returns to the story started in The Master with a tantalizing new novella about passion, play, and possession…
Submitting is just the beginning…
Sasha Blake never thought her emotional wounds would heal—that they were a part of her just like her physical scars. But that was before Cole Johnson’s boundless love and overwhelmingly sexy control set her free, unleashing a confident side that she never knew she had. He’s more than just her Master; he’s her world. And she’ll do anything he asks…

Cole’s days of restless wandering are done—he’s found everything he needs in Sasha. Now, it’s time to make it official. When his childhood home in England goes up for sale, he realizes the old estate is the perfect place to claim Sasha as his own, and the ideal opportunity to show her just how much she means to him.

As Sasha, Cole, and their closest friends from their Partners in Play community descend on the British countryside for a titillating adult vacation, the submissives and Dominants alike will test their boundaries—and have an adventure none of them will ever forget…



Pre-Order Available on Amazon



Tara Sue Me – Submissive Series

Tara Sue Me – The Chalet

Tara Sue Me – The Collar

Tara Sue Me – Enticement

Tara Sue Me – The Exhibitionist

Tara Sue Me – The Master

Thank You Arc to Tara Sue Me!

Hud Saunders – The Beasts of Belmont Park



Paul Marston is an out-of-work actor struggling with the hardest role of his life, being a stay-at-home dad. While he’s changing nappies, his wife Laura Holland, a famous author, is wrapped up in a world of boutique book festivals and champagne receptions.

Then a drunken post-pub party rears its head, and Paul falls full tilt into a bizarre world of drugs, gangsters and high-stakes fishing. This family confessional flips the lid on the middle-class dream and grinds its boot into the new-daddy dynamic.


This is an Antiromantic book.  (It is an actual word – I checked the dictionary).

This book is antiromantic because it centers around a couple whose marriage is faltering.  Both husband and wife consider having an affair.

Normally, I wouldn’t share a book like this, but the fact that around 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, I felt compelled.  Surprisingly, both the man and woman struggle with the notion of actually engaging in sex outside their marriage.  It is this resistant struggle that made the book  interesting.

This story was anything but simple.  There are in fact a lot of mixed plot lines that carry the story.

Based on the ending, I hope the author plans on following up with a sequel.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.54.48 AM.png

Find book at: https://thepigeonhole.com/books/the-beasts-of-belmont-park

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 10.18.58 AM to Hud Saunders!

About the Author

A born and bred West Londoner, Hud realised from an early age he wanted to be a writer. Yet despite this aspiration, he turned his creative energy towards music following a fateful encounter with a folk guitarist who also claimed to be a wizard. Becoming a father to a daughter aged 22 meant that while he pursued this fascinating but largely fruitless career, he donned many other hats in order to pay the bills, including decorator, dispatch rider, software salesman, and professional rebirther, as well as songwriter, producer and rock band manager.

His writing break came as a script editor working on independent films, but finding this too limiting, he turned to writing screenplays himself. Within a year he had an agent and a contract to write the potential blockbuster movie Brothers in Arms for Moulin Rouge producer Martin Brown. After a year in Australia trying to persuade the two outlaw motorcycle clubs involved to agree on the screenplay, Hud returned to the UK chastened, but definitely a writer.

Several screenplays and a computer game followed as well as a fruitful role as Creative Consultant on the Grammy-nominated cult music documentaries 1 Giant Leap and 1 Giant Leap: What About Me? In the past he has run and facilitated men’s groups and workshops. Since then he has founded a successful writers’ group in Queens Park where he lives and has taught Creative Writing to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Profoundly influenced by his childhood with his radically feminist single mother, Hud is an ardent equalitarian who has been deeply inspired by all the women and the men in his life. His first novel The Beasts of Belmont Park reflects this even-handed approach – none of the characters come out looking good!