My Books


Twin Rapture -seeking a publisher

Hiding in plain sight in modern San Francisco, Jana, and her twin brother, Zane, are unaware that the full-blood supremacist vampires are dead set on exterminating twins. Unbeknownst to them, Zane’s cochlear implant for his deafness is their sole means of concealing their identities.

Desperate not to repeat tragedies of the past, Dagon volunteers to protect his best friend and intended mate. Passionate kissing with Dagon leaves Jana burning for far more, but she is hesitant because of a shameful past experience. Dagon cannot put an end to her insecurities without revealing a life-changing secret. Frustrated, he risks an unbelievable betrayal of friendship.

Once the veil of innocence is removed, they battle for survival and the chance to realize their hottest fantasies.


Listening With Your Heart – waiting to publish until 2019

It is a non-fiction book that chronicles the struggles and triumphs of a parent raising a child that is going deaf.

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